Amateur Theatricals

Macmillan and Company, 1879 - 71 pages

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Page 70 - Be not too tame neither, but let your own discretion be your tutor: suit the action to the word, the word to the action; with this special observance, that you o'erstep not the modesty of nature...
Page 42 - ... he exerted his authority firmly and perpetually ; but in such a manner as to make it universally felt to be for no purpose of self-assertion or self-importance ; on the contrary, to be for the sole purpose of ensuring general success to their united efforts.
Page 42 - ... stage, at which he generally sat, as the scenes went on in which he himself took no part. On this table rested a moderate-sized box; its interior divided into convenient compartments for holding papers, letters, etc. and this interior was always the very pink of neatness and orderly arrangement. Occasionally he would leave his seat at the managerial table, and stand with his back to the foot-lights, in the very centre of the front of the stage, and view the whole effect of the rehearsed performance...
Page 37 - If one would represent a wide champaign country filled with herds and flocks, it would be ridiculous to draw the country only upon the scenes, and to crowd several parts of the stage with sheep and oxen. This is joining together inconsistencies, and making the decoration partly real and partly imaginary.
Page 7 - This will never do," said Tom Bertram at last. "We are wasting time most abominably. Something must be fixed on. No matter what, so that something is chosen. We must not be so nice. A few characters too many, must frighten us.
Page 27 - Caesar or great Alexander; Licking my feet, and wondering where I got This precious ointment. How my pace is mended! How princely do I speak! how sharp I threaten! Peasants, I'll curb your headstrong impudence, And make you tremble when the lion roars, Ye earth-bred worms. O, for a looking-glass! Poets will write whole volumes of this scorce183; Where's my attendants? Come hither, sirrah, quickly; Or by the wings of Hermes — SCAENA SEPTIMA.
Page 36 - ... scenes which are designed as the representations of nature, should be filled with resemblances, and not with the things themselves.
Page 28 - They really acted so well that it is astonishing they should not have had sense enough not to act at all. You would know none of their names, should I tell you; but the chief were a family of Delavals, the eldest of which was married by one Foote, a player, to Lady Nassau Poulett, * who had kept the latter.

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