Standing Rules and Regulations of the House of Assembly of Lower-Canada: Revised and Corrected to the End of the Third and Last Session of the Thirteenth Provincial Parliament, Inclusive


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Page 40 - That all aids and supplies, and aids to his majesty in Parliament, are the sole gift of the commons ; and all bills for the granting of any such aids and supplies ought to begin with the commons : and that it is the undoubted and sole right of the commons to direct, limit, and appoint in such bills the ends, purposes, considerations, conditions, limitations, and qualifications of such grants ; which ought not to be changed or altered by the House of Lords.
Page 34 - All motions shall be in writing, and seconded, before being debated or put from the chair. When a motion is seconded, it shall be read in english and in french by the Speaker, if he be familiar with both languages ; if not, the Speaker shall read the motion in one language and direct the clerk at the table to read it in the other, before debate.
Page 44 - English language ; and the Bills relative to the Laws, Customs, Usages and Civil Rights -of this Province, shall be introduced in the French language, in order to preserve the unity of the texts.
Page 46 - ... that those in english be put into french, and those presented in french be put into english, by the clerk of the house or his assistants;, according to the directions they may receive, before they be read the first time ; and when so put shall also be read each time in both languages.
Page 40 - ... not be presently entered upon, but shall be adjourned till such further day as the House shall think fit to appoint, and then it shall be referred to a committee of the whole House before any resolution or vote of the House do pass therein.
Page 44 - Every bill shall be introduced by motion for leave, or by an order of the House on the report of a committee; and, in either case, a committee to prepare the same shall be appointed.
Page 56 - Orissa, and to report the same, as it shall appear to them, to the house...
Page 14 - House shall, if appealed to, decide on the case, but without debate ; if there be no appeal, the decision of the Chair shall be submitted to. If the decision be in favor of the member called to order, he shall be at liberty to proceed ; if...
Page 62 - Rule, also, at the same time, and in the same manner, give Notice of the Rates which they intend to ask,, the extent of the privilege, the height of the arches, the interval between the abutments or piers for the passage of rafts and vessels, and mentioning also whether they intend to erect a drawbridge or not, and the dimensions of the same.
Page 30 - The rules of proceedings in the House shall be observed in a Committee of the Whole House, so far as they may be applicable, except the rule limiting the time of speaking; but no member shall speak twice to any question, until every member choosing to speak shall have spoken.

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