Parley's Magazine, Volume 12

C.S. Francis & Company, 1844

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Page 373 - Whilst we follow them among the tumbling mountains of ice, and behold them penetrating into the deepest frozen recesses of Hudson's Bay and Davis' Straits, whilst we are looking for them beneath the Arctic Circle, we hear that they have pierced into the opposite region of polar cold; that they are at the antipodes,- and engaged under the frozen serpent of the South.
Page 315 - Tis but a moment — there! one foot swings off! — he is reeling — trembling — toppling over into eternity ! Hark ! — a shout falls on his ears from above ! The man who is lying with half his length over the bridge, has caught a glimpse of the boy's head and shoulders. Quick as thought, the noosed rope is within reach of the sinking youth. No one breathes ! With a faint convulsive effort, the swooning boy drops his arms into the noose. Darkness comes over him and with the words "God!
Page 373 - And pray, sir, what in the world is equal to it? Pass by the other parts, and look at the manner in which the people of New England have of late carried on the whale fishery.
Page 315 - The boy didn't look down. His eye is fixed like a flint towards heaven, and his young heart on Him who reigns there. He grasps again his knife. He cuts another niche, and another foot is added to the hundreds that remove him from the reach of human help from below! How carefully he uses his wasting blade! How anxiously he selects the softest places in that vast pier! How he avoids every flinty grain! How he economizes his physical powers, resting a moment at each gain he cuts!
Page 341 - ... sun breaks forth ; from off the scene Its floating veil of mist is flung ; And all the wilderness of green With trembling drops of light is hung. Now gaze on Nature — yet the same — Glowing with life, by breezes fanned, Luxuriant, lovely, as she came, Fresh in her youth, from God's own hand...
Page 373 - Straits, whilst we are looking for them beneath the arctic circle, we hear that they have pierced into the opposite region of polar cold, that they are at the antipodes, and engaged under the frozen serpent of the south. Falkland Island, which seemed too remote and romantic an object for the grasp of national ambition, is but a stage and resting-place in the progress of their victorious industry.
Page 54 - Many trees two feet in diameter, I observed, were broken off at no great distance from the ground, and the branches of many of the largest and tallest had given way, as if the forest had been swept by a tornado. Everything proved to me that the number of birds resorting to this part of the forest must be immense beyond conception.
Page 373 - Neither the perseverance of Holland, nor the activity of France, nor the dexterous and firm sagacity of English enterprise, ever carried this most perilous mode of hardy industry to the extent, to which it has been pushed by this recent people; a people who are still, as it were, but in the gristle, and not yet hardened into the bone of manhood.
Page 190 - Those joyous hours are past away ; And many a heart, that then was gay, Within the tomb now darkly dwells, And hears no more those evening bells. And so 'twill be when I am gone ; That tuneful peal will still ring on, While other bards shall walk these dells...
Page 147 - Arenaria creeps; Slowly the Purple Star expands, But soon within its calyx sleeps. And those small bells so lightly rayed With young Aurora's rosy hue, Are to the noontide Sun displayed, But shut their plaits against the dew. On upland slopes the shepherds mark The hour, when, as the dial true, Cichorium to the towering Lark Lifts her soft eyes serenely blue. And thou, " Wee crimson tipped flower," Gatherest thy fringed mantle round Thy bosom, at the closing hour, When nightdrops bathe the turfy...

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