Favorite Authors: A Companion-book of Prose and Poetry

James Thomas Fields
Ticknor and Fields, 1866 - 299 pages

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Page 262 - I may have but a minute to speak to you. My dear, be a good man -— be virtuous —• be religious — be a good man. . Nothing else will give you any comfort when you come to lie here." He paused, and I said,
Page 264 - vile body that it may he like unto his glorious body, according to the mighty working', whereby he is able to subdue all things to himself
Page 43 - of a sapphire Seen by Moses when he climbed the mountain ? Moses, Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu Climbed and saw the very God, the Highest, Stand upon the paved-work of a sapphire. Like the bodied heaven in his clearness Shone the stone, the sapphire of that paved-work, When they ate and drank and saw God also
Page 38 - in the Louvre — Seen by us and all the world in circle. IV. You and I will never read that volume. Guido Reni, like his own eye's apple Guarded- long the treasure-book and loved it. Guido Reni dying, all Bologna Cried, and the world with it, " Ours — the treasure ! Suddenly, as rare things will, it vanished.
Page 22 - You will not, boy ! you dare to answer thus ! But in my time a father's word was law, And so it shall be now for me. Look to ? t ; Consider, William : take a month to think, And let me have an answer to my wish ; Or, by the Lord that made me, you shall pack, And nevermore darken my doors again
Page 243 - star that could be sent, No watcher in the firmament, No angel from the countless host That loiters round the crystal coast, Could stoop to heal that only child, Nature's sweet marvel undefilecl, And keep the blossom of the earth, Which all her harvests were not worth ? Not mine, — I never
Page 129 - And if he seems no suitor gay, And if his hair is touched with gray, " The maiden grown shall never find His heart less warm than when she smiled, Upon his knees, a little child ! " Her tears of grief were tears of joy, As, folded in his strong embrace, She looked in Esek Harden's face.
Page 42 - or Andrea, Though the fruit of speech be just this sentence, — Pray you, look on these my men and women, Take and keep my fifty poems finished ; "Where my heart lies, let my brain lie also ! Poor the speech ; be how I speak, for all things.
Page 256 - it, and would perhaps disappoint the doctors after all. He then desired to be wheeled through his rooms, and we moved him leisurely for an hour or more up and down the hall and the great library. "I have seen much," he kept saying, "but nothing like my ain house,—-give me one turn more
Page 256 - read to him, and when I asked from what book, he said, "Need you ask? There is but one." I chose the 14th chapter of St. John's Gospel; he listened with mild devotion, and said when I had done, " Well, this is a great comfort, — I have followed

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