A Geographical and Historical View of the World: Exhibiting a Complete Delineation of the Natural and Artificial Features of Each Country: And a Succinct Narrative of the Origin of the Different Nations, Their Political Revolutions, and Progress in Arts, Sciences, Literature, Commerce &c. The Whole Comprising All that is Important in the Geography of the Globe, and the History of Mankind, Volume 2

Thomas B. Wait and Company Sold by them, and by Mathew Carey, Philadelphia, and Samuel Pleasants, Richmond, 1812

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Page 207 - As .soon as the people perceived it, they exclaimed, " Long life and victory to Charles Augustus, crowned by the hand of God ! Long live the great and pious emperor of the Romans.
Page 279 - I must wrextle with you,' and endeavoured once or twice to trip up his heels : but the king of France, who is a dexterous wrestler, twisted him round, and threw him on the earth with prodigious violence. The king of England wanted to renew the combat, but was prevented.
Page 237 - The princes with whom these lords engaged girded them with a belt, and presented them with a sword, with which they gave them a slight blow on the shoulder; and hence the origin of knights-errant, and of the number of single combats, which so long desolated Spain.
Page 8 - ... moment they heard the music, returned and formed with alacrity in the rear. The climate of Scotland is such as might be expected in a latitude so remote, and a country so mountainous. In the eastern parts there is not so much humidity as in England, as the mountains on the west arrest the vapours from the Atlantic. On the other hand, the western counties are deluged with rain, which is the chief obstacle to the progress of agriculture. Industry, indeed, as is evinced in Switzerland, can overcome...
Page 118 - High German' alone, that is, the dialects of south and central Germany, and the principal specimens of the oldest High German literature date only from the end of the eighth or the beginning of the ninth century.
Page 201 - Aquitaine to his crown, — equally respected at home and abroad, he died in the fifty-fourth year of his "age, and the seventeenth of his reign.
Page 250 - ... upon these coins, which were discovered on Monday last, there is proof positive that Athelstan himself considered he had a right to the honour, and consequently styled himself King of Britain. Alfred the Great, the father of Edward the Elder, died on the 26th of October, AD 901, in the fifty-third year of his age, and the thirtieth of his reign. He was succeeded by his son Edward the Elder, so that it seems the coins in question are nearly 1000 years old. In appearance they look as if they had...
Page 209 - Aix-la-Chapelle, in the seventy-first year of his age, and the forty-seventh of his reign...
Page 3 - The savage scenery of the northwest of Scotland is thus described by an intelligent traveller : " A wide extent of country lay before us, and exhibited a most august picture of forlorn nature. The prospect was altogether immense, but wild and desolate beyond conception. The mountains presented nothing to view but heath, and rock between them; formless lakes, and pools dark with shades thrown from prodigious precipices, gave grandeur to the wilderness in its gloomy forms.
Page 79 - J and, though neither the same pretence of policy, nor the same ungovernable rage of the people, remained to justify or excuse this barbarous havoc, the convention, considering every religious fabric as a relic of idolatry, passed sentence upon them by an act in form ; and persons the most remarkable for the activity of their zeal were appointed to put it in execution. Abbeys, cathedrals, churches, libraries, records, and even the sepulchres of the dead, perished in one common ruin.

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