Round the World in 1870: An Account of a Brief Tour Made Through India, China, Japan, California, and South America

H. S. King & Company, 1872 - 408 pages

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Page 207 - When first on this delightful land he spreads His orient beams, on herb, tree, fruit, and flower, Glistering with dew; fragrant the fertile earth After soft showers; and sweet the coming on Of grateful evening
Page 13 - Stood on my feet. About me round I saw Hill, dale, and shady woods, and sunny plains, And liquid lapse of murmuring streams ; by these, Creatures that lived and moved, and walk'd or flew, Birds on the branches warbling ; all things smiled ; With fragrance and with joy my heart o'erflowed.
Page 89 - Or other worlds they seem'd, or happy isles, Like those Hesperian gardens fam'd of old, Fortunate fields, and groves, and flowery vales, Thrice happy isles...
Page 176 - O wad some power the giftie gie us, To see oursels as others see us!
Page 151 - It is said of man morally, that the whole head is sick and the whole heart is faint — that from the crown of the head to the sole of the foot, there is no soundness in him.
Page 275 - But here, — above, around, below, On mountain or in glen, Nor tree, nor shrub, nor plant, nor flower, Nor aught of vegetative power, The weary eye may ken.
Page 51 - Here lies Henry Lawrence, who tried to do his duty. May the Lord have mercy on his soul.
Page 231 - Access denied ; and over-head up-grew Insuperable height of loftiest shade, Cedar, and pine, and fir, and branching palm, A sylvan scene ; and, as the ranks ascend Shade above shade, a woody theatre Of stateliest view.
Page 117 - Former customers have inspired caution, — no credit given." "A small stream always flowing."

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