Democracy and the British Empire

Constable Limited, 1920 - 205 pages

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Page 9 - Where by divers sundry old authentick histories and chronicles it is manifestly declared and expressed, that this realm of England is an empire, and so hath been accepted in the world, governed by one supreme head and king, having the dignity and royal estate of the imperial Crown of the same, unto whom a body politic...
Page 151 - The Imperial War Conference are of opinion that the readjustment of the constitutional relations of the component parts of the Empire is too important and intricate a subject to be dealt with during the War, and that it should form the subject of a special Imperial Conference to be summoned as soon as possible after the cessation of hostilities.
Page 98 - I had always believed — and the belief has so confirmed and consolidated itself that I can hardly realize the possibility of anyone seriously thinking the contrary — that the destiny of our colonies is independence ; and that, in this point of view, the function of the Colonial Office is to secure that our connection, while it lasts, shall be as profitable to both parties, and our separation, when it comes, as amicable as possible.
Page 152 - Imperial concern require to be settled, and that the Imperial Cabinet should consist of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and such of his colleagues as deal specially with Imperial affairs, of the Prime Minister of each of the Dominions or some specially accredited alternate possessed of equal authority, and of a representative of the Indian people to be appointed by the Government of India.
Page 193 - Democracy at the Crossways: A Study in Politics and History with special reference to Great Britain, Macmillan, London, 1918.
Page vi - ... If the Athenians," he said, " did not at once make an example of such rebels, there would be no end to the dangers and contests which they would bring upon themselves, since their other allies would think that they too might revolt whenever they pleased. He therefore proposed that all the men in Mitylene should be put to death, and all the women and children made slaves. Cleon's eagerness gained his point. The decree was passed, and the very next day the order was despatched to Paches at Mitylene....
Page 158 - The latter was to be composed, not of members elected to it specifically and solely, but of all the members returned to the House of Commons to sit for the constituencies in that area.
Page 140 - The Benthamite principle of the greatest good of the greatest number would be regarded as obviously false in a population wherein a man of one caste outweighs in value and importance all the constituent members of a lower caste taken together. The very idea of the rule of the majority is alien from the mode of thought of the Indian, in whom inequality is incarnate : it is entirely beyond his conception.
Page 9 - empire " is in brief form a declaration of independence. It proclaims freedom from foreign jurisdiction, and not a claim to exercise jurisdiction over foreigners. It is the assertion of insular autonomy, and not a pretension to world* Statute 24 Henry VIII., cap.
Page 84 - It is not too much to say that at the beginning of the Queen's reign the Church was regarded, and not exclusively in hostile circles, as a department of the civil administration.

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