A Collection of Treaties, Engagements, and Sunnuds, Relating to India and Neighbouring Countries


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Page 168 - Her Majesty being desirous that the Governments of the several Princes and Chiefs of India, who now govern their own territories, should be perpetuated, and that the representation and dignity of their Houses should be continued...
Page 168 - Be assured that nothing shall disturb the engagement thus made to you, so long as your House is loyal to the Crown and faithful to the conditions of the Treaties, grants or engagements which record its obligations to the British Government.
Page 206 - SIR HENRY HARDINGE, GCB, one of HER BRITANNIC MAJESTY'S MOST HONOURABLE PRIVY COUNCIL, GOVERNOR-GENERAL, appointed by the HONOURABLE COMPANY to direct and control all their affairs in the EAST INDIES, and by MAHARAJAH GULAB SING in person— 1846.
Page 8 - Sir Henry Hardinge, GCB, one of Her Britannic Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council, Governor-General, appointed by the Honourable Company to direct and control all their affairs in the East Indies, and by Maharaja Gulab Singh in person.
Page 130 - The British Government engages to protect the principality and territory of Jodhpore. ARTICLE 3 Maharajah Maun Singh and his heirs and successors will act in subordinate co-operation with the British Government and acknowledge its supremacy ; and will not have any connection with other Chiefs and States.
Page 6 - Highness has occasion to communicate with pereons not rendered subject to his authority by this Agreement, such communication is to be made entirely through the Political Agent. This Article is a fundamental condition of the present Agreement, and any departure from it on the Rajah's part shall subject him to the loss of all the advantages he may gain by the said Agreement.
Page 320 - Bahadoor's territories, to which it might be Inconvenient to detach a proportion of the subsidiary force, the British Government will, in like manner, at the requisition of the said...
Page 291 - There shall be a true friendship and good understanding between the Honourable English East India Company and the State of Anund Rao Guikwar, in pursuance of which the Company will grant the said Chief its countenance and protection in all his public concerns, according to justice and as may appear to be for the good of the country, respecting which he is also to listen to advice.
Page 314 - Baroda, having full powers from the Government of Bombay, which is, in like manner, authorized by His Excellency the Most Noble Richard Marquis Wellesley, knight of the most Illustrious Order of St.
Page 314 - ... all tending to improve and increase the friendship and alliance between the contracting parties, viz., a convention dated at Cambay, the 15th March 1802, settled by the Governor of Bombay on the part of the Honourable Company, and by Raojee Appajee, Dewan on the part of Anund Rao Guikwar Sena...

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