The Edinburgh Review: Or Critical Journal, Volume 143

A. Constable, 1876

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Page 172 - But here is the finger of God, a flash of the will that can, Existent behind all laws, that made them, and lo, they are ! And I know not if, save in this, such gift be allowed to man, That out of three sounds he frame, not a fourth sound, but a
Page 172 - Consider it well ; each tone of our scale in itself is nought ; It is everywhere in the world—loud, soft, and all is said : Give it to me to use ! I mix it with two in my thought, And there ! ye have seen and heard ; consider and bow the
Page 581 - who are the same in wealth and in " poverty, in glory and in obscurity." Great as were the honours and possessions which Macaulay acquired by his pen, all who knew him were well aware that the titles and rewards, which he gained by his own works, were as nothing in the
Page 127 - that no man hereafter be compelled to make or yield any gift, loan, benevolence, tax, or such like charge, without common consent by Act of Parliament.
Page 581 - except himself to speak. He has told us how his debt to them was incalculable ; how they guided him to truth; how they filled his mind with noble and graceful images; how they stood by him in all vicissitudes,—comforters in sorrow, nurses in sickness, companions in solitude, " the old friends who are
Page 438 - no goods or commodities whatever, of the growth, production, or manufacture of Asia, Africa, or America, should be imported either into England or Ireland or any of the plantations of Great Britain, except in Britishbuilt ships, owned by British subjects, and of which the master and three-fourths of the crew belonged to that country
Page 568 - But he saw on Palatinus The white porch of his home, And he spake to the noble river That rolls by the walls of
Page 569 - materially depends upon the temper in which the search for it is instituted and conducted." ' How much this letter pleased Macaulay is indicated by the fact of his having kept it unburned : a compliment which, except in this single instance, he never paid to any of his correspondents.
Page 580 - History will have been printed and sold in the United Kingdom alone.' Caring little for money, except in so far as he was able to make a liberal and generous use of it, Macaulay enjoyed the power his new opulence had conferred on him. Until he was fifty-two years of age, he had never had a
Page 497 - was thrown out of gear. The scarcity of hands made it difficult for the minor tenants to perform the services due for their lands, and only a temporary abandonment of half the rent by the landowners induced the farmers to refrain from the abandonment of their farms.

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