The Poetical and Dramatic Works of Sir Charles Sedley, Volume 1


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Page 18 - scape, Rivals and Falsehood soon appear In a more dreadful shape. By such degrees to joy they come, And are so long withstood, So slowly they receive the sum, It hardly does them good.
Page 103 - ... to the King's play-house, where the doors were not then open ; but presently they did open ; and we in, and find many people already come in by private ways, into the pit, it being the first day of Sir Charles Sidly's new play, so long expected, ' The Mulberry Garden,' of whom being so reputed a wit all the world do expect great matters.
Page 5 - Not, Celia, that I juster am Or better than the rest ; For I would change each hour, like them, Were not my heart at rest. But I am tied to very thee By every thought I have ; Thy face I only care to see, Thy heart I only crave. All that in woman is adored In thy dear self I find — For the whole sex can but afford The handsome and the kind.
Page 37 - PHILLIS is my only joy, Faithless as the winds or seas ; Sometimes coming, sometimes coy, Yet she never fails to please. If with a frown I am cast down, Phillis smiling, And beguiling, Makes me happier than before. Though, alas ! too late I find Nothing can her fancy fix ; Yet the moment she is kind, I forgive her all her tricks ; Which though I see< I can't get free ; She deceiving, I believing; What need lovers wish for more ? A...
Page 32 - Mates salute ? They tell their Passion in their Words; Must I alone be mute ? Phillis, without Frown or Smile, Sat and knotted all the while. The God of Love in thy bright Eyes Does like a Tyrant reign; But in thy Heart a Child he lyes, Without his Dart or Flame.
Page 42 - PHYLLIS, men say that all my vows Are to thy fortune paid : Alas ! my heart he little knows Who thinks my love a trade. Were I of all these woods the lord, 5 One berry from thy hand More real pleasure would afford Than all my large command.
Page 286 - The Way to be Rich, according to the Practice of the great Audley, who began with £200 in 1605, and dyed worth ,£400,000, November, 1662.
Page 27 - THANKS, fair Urania, to your scorn, I now am free as I was born ; Of all the pain that I endur'd, By your late coldness, I am cur'd. In losing me, proud nymph, you lose The humblest slave your beauty knows ; In losing you, I but throw down A cruel tyrant from her throne. My ranging love did never find Such charms of person and of mind ; Y'ave beauty, wit, and all things know, But where you should your love bestow.
Page 101 - My Lady Gerrard treated us at Mulberry Garden,* now the only place of refreshment about the town for persons of the best quality to be exceedingly cheated at ; Cromwell and his partisans having shut up and seized on Spring Garden, which, till now, had been the usual rendezvous for the ladies and gallants at this season.
Page 17 - They wither under cold delays, Or are in tempests lost. One while they seem to touch the port, Then straight into the main Some angry wind in cruel sport The vessel drives again.

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