Jesus the Virgin-Born

Xulon Press, 2007 - 304 pages
"Jesus the Virgin-Born" is an investigation and evaluation of all scriptural texts, both positive and negative, that are relevant to the origin of Jesus, together with the peripheral issues of the extent of Mary's virginity and the relationship of Jesus with his "brethren". The method with each text involves an examination of its basis in its original language and proceeds with an analysis of its meaning, implication, and value as testimony in terms of Jesus' origin. While a familiarity with Hebrew and Greek is helpful it is not a necessity. Along the way issues that are treated include prophecy, Isaiah 7:14, the nature of Luke's line of Jesus' ancestry and his basis for its placement, and the literary independence of each of the synoptic Gospels. Although evenhandedness is intended throughout, the resulting evidence demonstrates that the scriptural record with regard to Jesus' origin is both integral and credible. Edgar Alan Nutt lived in New Jersey before entering Mount Hermon School in Massachusetts, and for two summers he worked on a New Hampshire farm as a teamster. Before graduation he enlisted in the Navy serving as a Pharmacist's Mate. In 1950 he graduated from Dartmouth College and in 1953 from the Episcopal Church's Virginia Theological School leading to ordinations as deacon and priest. During his ministry in Diocese of Newark parishes he married and subsequently moved with his wife and two children to New England where he served parishes in the Dioceses of New Hampshire and Vermont. While contending against his Church's growing liberalism he was deposed in 1989 without benefit of due process; however in 1990 he was consecrated a bishop to serve disenfranchised Episcopalians in the north-east. Bishop Nutt is now retired, dividing his time between two New Hampshire homes where he enjoys doing research, writing, and gardening.

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