The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, D.D., Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin, Volume 12

J. Johnson, J. Nichols, R. Baldwin, Otridge and Son, J. Sewell, F. and C. Rivington, T. Payne, R. Faulder, G. and J. Robinson, R. Lea, J. Nunn, W. Cuthell, T. Egerton, ... [and 12 others], 1801

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Page 120 - I do humbly entreat your Excellency either to use such persuasions as will keep one of the first men in this kingdom, for learning and virtue, quiet at home, or assist him, by your credit, to compass his romantic design; which, however, is very noble and generous, and directly proper for a great person of your excellent education to encourage.
Page 237 - ENTIRELY approve your refusal of that employment, and your writing to the queen. I am perfectly confident you have a keen enemy in the ministry. God forgive him, but not till he puts himself in a state to be forgiven.
Page 437 - Meredyth's father last night in my Cathedral ; he was ninety-six years old ; so that Mrs. Pope may live seven years longer.
Page 182 - I may add to this pleasure, and give you further proofs of my beneficent temper, I will likewise inform you, that I shall be in your neighbourhood again by the end of next week ; by which time I hope that Jonathan's imagination of business, will be succeeded by some imagination more becoming a professor of that divine science, la bagatelle. Adieu, Jonathan, Alexander, John ! Mirth be with you.
Page 456 - Remember we are to be good neighbors as well as neighbors ; and if the mountain will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet must go to the mountain.
Page 88 - What can be the design of your letter but malice, to wake me out of a scurvy sleep, which however is better than none ? I am towards nine years older since I left you, yet that is the least of my alterations ; my business, my diversions, my conversations, are all entirely changed for the worse, and so are my studies and my amusements in writing. Yet, after all, this humdrum way of life might be 217 passable enough, if you would let me alone.
Page 93 - I sing, but an eunuch, or an Italian woman. Everybody is grown now as great a judge of music, as they were in your time of poetry; and folks, that could not distinguish one tune from another, now daily dispute about the different styles of Handel, Bononcini, and Attilio.
Page 361 - LII. situation is an odd one ; the Duchess is your treasurer, and Mr. Pope tells me you are the Duke's. And I had gone a good way in some verses on that occasion, prescribing lessons to direct your conduct, in a negative way, not to do so and so, etc.
Page 205 - ... us, and two or three of your best friends, in not giving us the least hint of it while you were with us ; and in particular Dr. Arbuthnot, who says it is ten thousand pities he had not known it, he could have added such abundance of things upon every subject.
Page 204 - It is generally said that you are the author ; but I am told, the bookseller declares he knows not from what hand it came. From the highest to the lowest it is universally read, from the cabinet council to the nursery.

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