Select Parliamentary Speeches of R.B. Sheridan

Baudry, 1828 - 285 pages

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Page 65 - No, my lords, justice is not this halt and miserable object; it is not the ineffective bauble of an Indian pagod ; it is not the portentous phantom of despair ; it is not like any fabled monster, formed in the eclipse of reason, and found in some unhallowed grove of superstitious darkness, and political dismay ! No, my lords.
Page 66 - ... and save ; majestic from its mercy ; venerable from its utility ; uplifted, without pride ; firm, without obduracy ; beneficent in each preference ; lovely, though in her frown...
Page 270 - What ! in such an hour as this, at a moment pregnant with the national fate, when, pressing as the exigency may be, the hard task of squeezing the money from the pockets of an impoverished people, from the toil, the drudgery of the shivering poor, must make the most practised collector's heart ache...
Page 58 - Impey on the other, the great figure of the piece, — characteristic in his place, aloof and independent from the puny profligacy in his train, but far from idle and inactive, — turning a malignant eye on all mischief that awaits him ; the multiplied apparatus of temporizing expedients and intimidating instruments...
Page 272 - Rouse all the marquis within me ! exclaims the earl, and the peerage never turned forth a more undaunted champion in its cause than I shall prove. Stain my green riband blue, cries out the illustrious knight, and the fountain of honour will have a fast and faithful servant...
Page 23 - ... of contradictory qualities; with nothing great but his crimes; and even those contrasted by the littleness of his motives, which at once denoted both his baseness and his meanness, and marked him for a traitor and a trickster.
Page 268 - Do I demand of you, wealthy citizens, to lend your hoards to government without interest ? On the contrary, when I shall come to propose a loan, there is not a man of you to whom I shall not hold out at least a job in every part of the subscription, and an usurious profit upon every pound you devote to the necessities of your country.
Page 22 - He either tyrannized or deceived ; and was by turns a Dionysius and a Scapin. As well might the writhing obliquity of the serpent be compared to the swift directness of the arrow, as the duplicity of Mr Hastings's ambition to the simple steadiness of genuine magnanimity.
Page 51 - FILIAL PIETY ! It is the primal bond of society — it is that instinctive principle, which, panting for its proper good, soothes...
Page 22 - There was indeed another species of greatness, which displayed itself in boldly conceiving a bad measure, and undauntedly pursuing it to its accomplishment.

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