Famous Racing Men: With Anecdotes and Portraits

J. Hogg, 1882 - 128 pages

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Page 26 - There are some hereditary strokes of character, by which a family may be as clearly distinguished as by the blackest features of the human face. Charles the First lived and died a hypocrite. Charles the Second was a hypocrite of another sort, and should have died upon the same scaffold. At the distance of a century, we see their different characters happily revived, and blended in your Grace. Sullen and severe without religion...
Page 69 - I see the wealthy miller yet — His double chin — his portly size ; And who that knew him could forget The busy wrinkles round his eyes, The slow wise smile, that round about His dusty forehead drily curled, Seemed half within and half without, And full of dealings with the world ? 3.
Page 25 - Chatham's abilities, the shrewd inflexible judgment of Mr. Grenville, nor in the mild but determined integrity of lord Rockingham. His views and situation required a creature void of all these properties ; and he was forced to go through every division, resolution, composition, and refinement of political chemistry, before he happily arrived at the caput mortuum of vitriol in your grace. Flat and insipid in your retired state, but brought into action, you become vitriol again.
Page 25 - The character of the reputed ancestors of some men, has made it possible for their descendants to be vicious in the extreme, without being degenerate. Those of your grace, for instance, left no distressing examples of virtue, even to their legitimate posterity ; and you may look back with pleasure to an illustrious pedigree, in which heraldry has not left a single good quality upon record to insult and upbraid you.
Page 52 - Pavilion was full of guests ; the Steyne was crowded with all the rank and fashion from London during that week ; the best horses were brought from Newmarket and the North, to run at these races, on which immense sums were depending ; and the course was graced by the handsomest equipages. The
Page 25 - A submissive administration was at last gradually collected from the deserters of all parties, interests, and connections: and nothing remained but to find a leader for these gallant, well-disciplined troops. Stand forth, my Lord, for thou art the man. Lord Bute found no resource of dependence or security in the proud, imposing superiority of Lord Chatham's abilities, the shrewd, inflexible judgment of Mr.
Page 25 - ... troops. Stand forth, my lord ; for thou art the man. Lord Bute found no resource of dependence or security in the proud, imposing superiority of lord Chatham's abilities; the shrewd, inflexible judgment of Mr. Grenville; nor in the mild but determined integrity of lord Rockingham.
Page 37 - ... orator and statesman, only second, if second, to Peel in the House of Commons, and on whom the destiny of the country perhaps depends ? There he was, as if he had no thoughts but for the turf, full of the horses, interest in the lottery, eager, blunt, noisy, good-humoured, ' has meditans nugas et totus in illis ; * at night equally devoted to the play, as if his fortune depended on it. Thus can a man relax whose existence is devoted to great objects and serious thoughts.
Page 6 - Pills being a direct Purifier of the Blood. In Boxes, price 7Jd., Is. IJd. and 2s. 9d., by G. WHELPTON & SON, 3, Crane Court, Fleet Street, London, and sent free to any part of the United Kingdom on receipt of 8, 14 or 33 stamps. Sold by all Chemists at Home and Abroad.
Page 25 - ... been employed and dismissed. The advice of the ablest men in this country has been repeatedly called for and rejected; and when the royal displeasure has been signified to a minister, the marks of it have usually been proportioned to his abilities and integrity. The spirit of the favorite had some apparent influence upon every administration; and every set of ministers preserved an appearance of duration as long as they submitted to that influence.

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