The Nautical Magazine: A Journal of Papers on Subjects Connected with Maritime Affairs, Volume 28

Brown, Son and Ferguson, 1859

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Page 570 - ... exported, with the marks and numbers of the packages, and the quantity, description, and value of their contents. The exporter shall certify, in writing, that the entry is a true account of all the goods contained therein, and shall sign his name thereto.
Page 553 - June, 1847; and the total loss by deaths in the expedition has been to this date 9 officers and 15 men. (Signed) James Fitzjames, Captain HMS Erebus. (Signed) FRM Crozier, Captain and Senior Officer. and start (on) to-morrow, 26th, for Back's Fish River.
Page 353 - Tamehameha went, attended by a large retinue of chiefs and priests, and, as the most valuable offering he could make, cut off part of his own hair, which was always considered sacred, and threw it into the torrent. A day or two after, the lava ceased to flow. The gods, it was thought, were satisfied ; and the king...
Page 568 - No goods shall be unladen from any ship between the hours of sunset and sunrise, except by special permission of the...
Page 569 - Vessels needing repairs may land their cargo for that purpose without the payment of duty. All goods so landed shall remain in charge of the Japanese authorities, and all just charges for storage, labor and supervision shall be paid thereon.
Page 570 - But this shall not prevent the custom-house authorities from appraising the goods in the manner provided in article fourth of the treaty, to which these regulations are appended. After the duties have been paid, the owner shall receive a permit authorizing the delivery to him of the goods, whether the same are at the custom-house or on ship-board. All goods intended to be exported shall be entered at the Japanese custom-house before they arc placed on ship-board.
Page 570 - Ships wishing to clear shall give 24 hours' notice at the Custom-house, and at the end of that time they shall be entitled to their clearance, but if it be refused, the Custom-house authorities shall immediately inform the captain or consignee of the ship of the reason why the clearance is refused; and they shall also give the same notice to the British Consul.
Page 535 - Having sent an officer on shore to communicate with the authorities, he was met by a guard, apparently of country people, who prevented him from landing, informed him that there were no officials nearer than Tient-sin, and on his acquainting them with my wish that the obstructions at the mouth of the river should be removed, in order to enable the ministers to proceed to Tientsin, a promise was given that a commencement should be made for this purpose within the next forty-eight hours.
Page 553 - September, 1846. The officers and crews, consisting of 105 souls, under the command of Captain FRM Crozier, landed here in lat. 69° 37' 42
Page 668 - Victoria, made for Cape Felix, the north extremity of King William's Island. At a short distance to the westward of it, he came upon unequivocal traces of the Franklin expedition — a large cairn of stones, close beside which were three small tents, with blankets, old clothes, and other debris of a station, probably for magnetic or for shooting purposes ; but although the ground beneath the cairn was broken into, and a trench dug all round it at a distance of ten feet, no record was discovered....

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