The Practice of the Courts of King's Bench, and Common Pleas, in Personal Actions, and Ejectment: To which are Added, the Law and Practice of Extents, and the Rules of Court, and Modern Decisions, in the Exchequer of Pleas, Volume 1

Butterworth, 1828 - 1493 pages

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Page 326 - that from and after the passing of this act no attorney, or solicitor, nor any executor, administrator, or assignee of any attorney or solicitor, shall commence or maintain any action or suit for the recovery of any fees...
Page 39 - ... he looked upon the independence and uprightness of the judges, as essential to the impartial administration of justice ; as one of the best securities of the rights and liberties of his subjects; and as most conducive to the honour of the crown.
Page 117 - ... shall be deemed to have committed an act of bankruptcy from the time of the service thereof, and any such creditor or creditors as aforesaid may sue out a commission against him, and proceed thereon in like manner as against other bankrupts.
Page 15 - That all Actions of Trespass, Quare clausum fregit, all Actions of Trespass, Detinue, Action sur Trover, and Replevin for taking away of Goods and Cattle, all Actions of Account, and upon the Case, other than such Accounts as concern the Trade of Merchandize between Merchant and Merchant, their Factors or Servants, all Actions of Debt grounded upon any Lending or Contract without Specialty...
Page 29 - ... until notice in writing of such intended writ or process shall have been delivered to him, or left at the usual place of his abode...
Page 205 - ... hereby required to ascertain the value thereof, and to admit such person to prove the amount so ascertained, and to receive dividends thereon : or if such value shall not be so ascertained before the contingency shall have happened, then such person may, after such contingency shall have happened, prove in respect of such debt, and receive...
Page 663 - ... pleading the general issue, where any such debt of the plaintiff, his testator or intestate, is intended to be insisted on in evidence, notice shall be given of the particular sum or debt so intended to be insisted on, and upon what account it became due, or otherwise such matter shall not be allowed in evidence upon such general issue.
Page 583 - ... the plaintiff upon the roll may suggest as many breaches of the covenants and agreements as he shall think fit, upon which shall issue a writ to the sheriff of that county where the action shall be brought, to summon a jury to appear before the justice or justices of assize, or nisi prlus, of that county, to inquire of the truth of every one of those breaches, and to assess the damages that the plaintiff shall have sustained thereby...
Page 62 - ... every such person shall, for every such offence, forfeit the sum of one hundred pounds, current money.
Page 16 - ... all actions of debt grounded upon any lending or contract, without specialty, and all actions of debt for arrearages of rent, shall be commenced and sued within six years next after the cause of such action or suit, and not after.

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