The Pleasures of Imagination: A Poem, in Three Books. By Mark Akenside, M.D. ...

A. Wilson, 1744 - 108 pages

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Page 33 - When guilt brings down the thunder, call'd aloud On Tully's name, and shook his crimson steel, And bade the father of his country hail ? For lo ! the tyrant prostrate on the dust, And Rome again is free...
Page 23 - Suspends the infant audience with her tales, Breathing astonishment! of witching rhymes, And evil spirits; of the death-bed call Of him who robb'd the widow, and devour'd...
Page 106 - For him, the Spring Distils her dews, and from the silken gem Its lucid leaves unfolds : for him, the hand Of Autumn tinges every fertile branch With blooming gold, and blushes like the morn. Each passing hour sheds tribute from her wings ; And still new beauties meet his lonely walk, And loves unfelt attract him.
Page 18 - And continents of sand, will turn his gaze To mark the windings of a scanty rill That murmurs at his feet?
Page 24 - Whate'er the waters, or the liquid air, To deck thy lovely labour. Wilt thou fly With laughing Autumn to...
Page 34 - Attentive turn ; from dim oblivion call Her fleet, ideal band ; and bid them, go ! Break through Time's barrier, and o'ertake the hour That saw the heavens created : then declare If aught were found in those external scenes To move thy wonder now.
Page 1 - There are certain powers in human nature which seem to hold a middle place between the organs of bodily sense and the faculties of moral perception: they have been called by a very general name, the Powers of Imagination.
Page 33 - Mind, mind alone, (bear witness earth and heaven !) The living fountains in itself contains Of beauteous and sublime: here hand in hand, Sit paramount the graces ; here enthron'd, Celestial Venus, with divinest airs, Invites the soul to never-fading joy.
Page 52 - Holiest of things! by which the general orb Of being, as by adamantine links, Was drawn to perfect union, and sustain'd From everlasting?
Page 29 - Where beauty seems to dwell, nor once inquire Where is the sanction of eternal truth, Or where the seal of undeceitful good, To save your search from folly ? Wanting these, Lo ! beauty withers in your void embrace, 385 And with the glittering of an idiot's toy Did fancy mock your vows.

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