The Annual Biography and Obituary, Volume 1

Longman., 1817

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Page 421 - In forest, brake, or den, As beasts excel cold rocks and brambles rude ; Men, who their duties know, But know their rights, and, knowing, dare maintain, Prevent the long-aimed blow, And crush the tyrant while they rend the chain : These constitute a State, And sovereign Law, that State's collected will O'er thrones and globes elate, Sits Empress, crowning good, repressing ill.
Page 545 - To get over this, My Way is, to divide half a Sheet of Paper by a Line into two Columns; writing over the one Pro, and over the other Con. Then during three or four Days...
Page 546 - And, though the weight of reasons cannot be taken with the precision of algebraic quantities, yet when each is thus considered, separately and comparatively, and the whole lies before me, I think I can judge better, and am less liable to make a rash step, and in fact I have found great advantage from this kind of equation, in what may be called moral or prudential algebra.
Page 546 - England a complete paradise, might have been obtained by spending those millions in doing good, which in the last war have been spent in doing mischief; in bringing misery into thousands of families, and destroying the lives of so many thousands of working people, who might have performed the useful labor!
Page 218 - Principles of Moral and Political Science, Being Chiefly a Retrospect of Lectures delivered in the College of Edinburgh, Edinburgh.
Page 115 - a Committee be appointed to enquire into the present State of the Representation of the Commons of Great Britain in Parliament...
Page 164 - That for the purpose of providing for the exercise of the Royal authority during the continuance of his Majesty's illness, in such manner, and to such extent, as the present circumstances and the urgent concerns of the nation appear to require, it is expedient that His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, being resident within the realm, shall be empowered to exercise and administer the Royal Authority, according to the laws...
Page 557 - Chamberlaine, the founder of the " Society for the relief of Widows and Orphans of Medical men in London and its Vicinity.
Page 138 - Westminster. From thence, at one o'clock, the procession moved on foot to the Abbey, where, in the only spot in Poet's Corner that remained unoccupied, the body was interred; and the following simple inscription marks its resting-place:— "RICHARD BRINSLEY SHERIDAN, BORN, 1751, DIED, 7th JULY, 1816. THIS MARBLE IS THE TRIBUTE OF AN ATTACHED FRIEND, PETER MOORE.
Page 89 - Collections towards the History and Antiquities of the county of Hereford, by John Duncumb.

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