Register of Debates in Congress: 19th Congress, 2nd session. Dec. 4, 1826 to Mar. 3, 1827. 1598 columns

Gales & Seaton, 1829

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Page 267 - March, 1802, to regulate trade and intercourse with the Indian tribes, and to preserve peace on the frontiers...
Page 573 - Resolved, That the committee of ways and means be instructed to inquire into the expediency of appropriating $30,000, to enable Professor Morse to establish a line of telegraph between Washington and Baltimore.
Page 211 - The committee of ways and means of the house of representatives of the United States...
Page 3 - Rule 27.] [In the appointment of the standing committees, the Senate will proceed, by ballot, severally to appoint the chairman of each committee; and then, by one ballot the other members necessary to complete the same ; and a majority of the whole number of votes given shall be necessary to the choice of a chairman of a standing committee.
Page 621 - House went again into Committee of the Whole on the bill for the relief of the surviving officers of the Revolutionary War.
Page 403 - An act concerning navigation," passed on the 18th day of April, one thousand eight hundred and eighteen; an act supplementary thereto passed the fifteenth day of May, one thousand eight hundred and twenty, and an act entitled "An act to regulate the commercial intercourse between the United States and certain British ports...
Page 55 - Finance,' as it is the chairman of the Committee of Ways and Means in the House of Representatives that holds the position equivalent to that occupied by the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Page 267 - State or district; and that it shall be the duty of the military force of the United States, when called upon by the civil magistrate or any proper officer or other person duly authorized for that purpose and having a lawful warrant, to aid and assist such magistrate, officer, or other person so authorized in arresting such offender and committing him to safe custody for trial according to law.
Page 319 - Africa, with their own consent, of such persons of color as are already free, and of such others as the humanity of individuals or the laws of the different states may hereafter liberate.
Page 323 - Indeed, nothing is more to be wished than that the United States would themselves undertake to make such an establishment on the coast of Africa.