The American Almanac and Repository of Useful Knowledge for the Year ..., Volume 17

Gray and Bowen, 1845

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Page 297 - Texas, shall retain all the public funds, debts, taxes, and dues of every kind which may belong to or be due and owing said republic, and shall also retain all the vacant and unappropriated lands lying within its limits...
Page 297 - States as may be formed out of that portion of said territory lying south of thirty-six degrees thirty minutes north latitude, commonly known as the Missouri compromise line, shall be admitted into the Union with or without slavery, as the people of each State asking admission may desire. And in such State or States as shall be formed out of said territory north of said Missouri compromise line, slavery or involuntary servitude (except for crime) shall be prohibited.
Page 152 - States, the State of California shall be entitled to two representatives in Congress. SEC. 3. And be it further enacted, That the said State of California is admitted into the Union upon the express condition that the people of said State, through their legislature or otherwise, shall never interfere with the primary disposal of the public lands within its limits, and shall pass no law and do no act whereby the title of the United States to, and. right to dispose of, the same shall be impaired or...
Page 297 - That if the president of the United States shall, in his judgment and discretion, deem it most advisable, instead of proceeding to submit the foregoing resolution to the republic of Texas, as an overture on the part of the United States for admission, to negotiate with that republic — then...
Page 297 - That the sum of one hundred thousand dollars be, and the same is hereby, appropriated to defray the expenses of missions and negotiations, to agree upon the terms of said adnnssion and cession, cither by treaty to be submitted to the Senate, or by articles to be submitted to the two Houses of Congress, as the President may direct. s• Approved, March 2, 1845.
Page 149 - That said State of Florida shall embrace the territories of East and West Florida, which, by the treaty of amity, settlement and limits between the United States and Spain, on the twenty-second day of February, eighteen hundred and nineteen, were ceded to the United States.
Page 192 - They are chosen by the legislatures of the several States, for the term of six years, one third of them being elected biennially. The Vice-President of the United States...
Page 297 - Congress doth consent that the Territory properly included •within and rightfully belonging to the Republic of Texas, may be erected into a new State to be called the State of Texas, with a republican form of government, to be adopted by the people of said Republic, by deputies in convention assembled, with the consent of the existing Government, in order that the same may be admitted as one of the States of this Union.
Page 3 - •' the latter part of the 1258th, and the beginning of the 1259th year (of twelve lunations) since the Hegira, or flight of Mahomet, which, as is generally supposed, took place on the 16th of July, in the year 662 of the Christian era.
Page 148 - And provided also, that the said state shall have concurrent jurisdiction on the river Mississippi and every other river bordering on the said state...

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