The lover and the husband; The woman of a certain age, etc. [by P.M.C. de Barnard du Grail de la Villette] ed. by mrs. Gore


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Page 67 - KNOW ye the land where the cypress and myrtle Are emblems of deeds that are done in their clime? Where the rage of the vulture, the love of the turtle, Now melt into sorrow, now madden to crime...
Page 261 - About the time I finished with my neck-tie I had done with life too. I absolutely did not care because I couldn't tell whether, mentally and physically, from the roots of my hair to the soles of my feet — whether I was more weary or unhappy. And now my toilet was finished, my occupation was gone. An immense distress descended upon me. It has been observed that the routine of daily life, that arbitrary system of trifles, is a great moral support. But my toilet was finished, I had nothing more to...
Page 163 - ... come out of a more desolate heart. During the whole day a post-chaise will wait for you at the rear of the Montigny plateau; a fire lighted upon the rock which you can see from your room will notify you of its presence. In a short time it can reach the Rhine. A person devoted to you will accompany you to Munich to the house of one of my relatives whose character and position will assure you sufficient protection from all tyranny. There at least you will be permitted to weep. That is all that...
Page 192 - I swear to you, by all that is holiest in heaven or earth, you shall not receive that girl!

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