The Congress-league Scheme: An Exposition

Servants of India Society, 1917 - 66 pages

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Page 65 - ... head of every Provincial Government shall be a Governor who shall not ordinarily belong to the Indian Civil Service or any of the permanent services. 2. There shall be in every Province an Executive Council which, with the Governor, shall constitute the Executive Government of the Province.
Page 8 - The British Government and the Government of India, on whom the responsibility lies for the welfare and advancement of the Indian peoples, must be judges of the time and measure of each advance, and they must be guided by the co-operation received from those upon whom new opportunities of service will thus be conferred and by the extent to which it is found that confidence can be reposed in their sense...
Page 58 - That, having regard to the fact that the great communities of India are the inheritors of ancient civilizations, and have shown great capacity for government and administration, and to the progress in education and public spirit made by them during a century of British rule, and, further, having regard to the fact that the present system of government does not satisfy the legitimate aspirations of the people and has become unsuited to the existing conditions and requirements, the Congress is of opinion...
Page 16 - Provincial legislation in so far as it may affect inter-provincial fiscal relations. (c) Questions affecting purely Imperial Revenue, excepting tributes from Indian States. (d) Questions affecting purely Imperial expenditure except that no resolution of the Imperial Legislative Council shall be binding on the Governor-General in Council in respect of Military charges for the defence of the country.
Page 64 - A motion for adjournment may be brought forward for the discussion of a definite matter of urgent public importance, if supported by not less than oneeighth of the members present.
Page 60 - There should be no divided heads of revenue. The Government of India should be provided with fixed contributions from the Provincial Governments, such fixed contributions being liable to revision when extra-ordinary and unforeseen contingencies render such revision necessary.
Page 62 - ... for the Provincial Legislative Councils, and the elected members of the Provincial Legislative Councils should also form an electorate for the return of members to the Imperial Legislative Council.
Page 64 - In the event of the establishment of a system of collective security in Europe and the conclusion for that purpose of a General European Treaty concerning collective security, a goal which the Contracting Parties shall steadfastly strive to achieve, the present Treaty shall cease to have effect as from the date on which the General European Treaty comes into force.
Page 60 - Council itself. 6. The right of asking supplementary questions shall not be restricted to the member putting the original question but should be allowed to be exercised by any other member. 7. A...
Page 61 - The Governor-General of India will be the head of the Government of India. 2. He will have an Executive Council, half of whom shall be Indians. 3. The Indian members should be elected by the elected members of the Imperial Legislative Council.

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