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Page 25 - I find a frank acknowledgment of one's ignorance is not only the easiest way to get rid of a difficulty, but the likeliest way to obtain information, and therefore I practise it ; I think it an honest policy.
Page 30 - ... connection with the guard or other metal work of a portable lamp. In such places and in any place where the pressure exceeds low pressure, the portable apparatus and its flexible wire shall be controlled by efficient means suitably located, and capable of cutting off the pressure, and the metal work shall be efficiently earthed independently of any flexible metallic cover of the conductors, and any such flexible covering shall itself be independently earthed.
Page 25 - means an electrical conductor arranged to be electrically connected to a system. " Apparatus " means electrical apparatus, and includes all apparatus, machines, and fittings in which conductors are used, or of which they form a part. " Circuit " means an electrical circuit forming a system or branch of a system.
Page 28 - All electrical apparatus and conductors shall be sufficient in size and power for the work they may be called upon to do, and, so far as is reasonably practicable...
Page 28 - ... so constructed or arranged that it cannot accidentally fall or move into contact when left out of contact. 4. Every switch intended to be used for breaking a circuit and every circuit-breaker shall be so constructed that it cannot with proper care be left in partial contact. This applies to each pole of double-pole or multipole switches or circuitbreakers. Every switch intended to be used for breaking a circuit and every circuit-breaker shall be so constructed that an arc cannot accidentally...
Page 32 - ... 19. All parts of generators, motors, transformers, or other similar apparatus, at high-pressure or extra high-pressure, and within reach from any position in which any person employed may require to be, shall be, so far as reasonably practicable, so protected as to prevent danger. 20. Where a high-pressure or extra high-pressure supply is transformed for use at a lower pressure, or energy is transformed up to above low-pressure, suitable provision shall be made to guard against danger by reason...
Page 10 - In jointing conductors the braid, tape or lead, must be carefully removed without damage to the dielectric and for a sufficient length to ensure a thorough union between the dielectric and the material used to insulate the joint. If the insulating material is not waterproof, it must be covered with an impervious sleeve or box, which must make a water-tight joint on each side of the junction. Care must be taken to exclude moisture during the operation.
Page 20 - Current must not be switched on until the following test has been applied to finished work : — The whole of the lamps having been connected to the conductors and all switches and fuses being on, a pressure equal to twice the working pressure must be applied and the insulation resistance of the whole or any part of the installation must not be less in megohms than 25 divided by the number of lamps.
Page 26 - Danger" means danger to health or danger to life or limb from shock, burn, or other injury to persons employed, or from fire attendant upon the generation, transformation, distribution, or use of electrical energy.

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