The Newgate Calendar: Comprising Interesting Memoirs of the Most Notorious Characters who Have Been Convicted of Outrages on the Laws of England Since the Commencement of the Eighteenth Century; with Occasional Anecdotes and Observations, Speeches, Confessions, and Last Exclamations of Sufferers, Volume 4

J. Robins and Company, 1828

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Page 316 - God willeth not the death of a sinner, but rather that he. should turn from his wickedness and live.
Page 25 - Deem our nation brutes no longer, Till some reason ye shall find Worthier of regard, and stronger Than the colour of our kind. Slaves of gold, whose sordid dealings Tarnish all your boasted powers, Prove that you have human feelings, Ere you proudly question ours ! PITY FOR POOR AFRICANS.
Page 223 - Hear this, ye justices, that I have this day neither eat, drank, nor have upon me, neither bone, stone, ne grass, nor any enchantment, sorcery, or witchcraft, whereby the law of God may be abased or the law of the devil exalted. So help me God and his saints.
Page 223 - Hear this, O man, whom I hold by the hand, who callest thyself Thomas by the name of baptism, that thou art perjured ; and therefore perjured, because that thou feloniously didst murder my *father, William by name. So help me God and the saints ; and this I will prove against thee by my body, as this court shall award (c).
Page 261 - William Jones, be taken hence to the place from whence you came, and be thence drawn on a hurdle to the place of execution, and that...
Page 253 - ... will, perhaps, imagine that personal motives instigated me to the deed, but I disclaim them. My every principle was for the prosperity of my country ; my every feeling, the height of my ambition, was the securing the welfare of my starving brother Englishmen.
Page 396 - ... be taken from hence to the place from whence you came, and from thence to the place of execution, and there to be hanged by the neck until you are dead, and may the Lord have mercy on your soul ! Yesterday a most excellent sermon was preached by the Rev.
Page 384 - Street belonged solely to my mother, with the exception of a library and single bedroom. This was the extent of my expenditure, so far as domestic expenditure is concerned. I am next accused of being an habitual gambler, an accusation which, if true, might easily account for the diffusion of the property. I am, indeed, a member of two clubs, the Albion and the Stratford, but never in my life did I play in either, at cards or dice, or any game of chance ; this is well known to the gentlemen of these...
Page 352 - would be in it," — meaning what they (Hunt and John Thurtell) were about. Thurtell drove off from Tetsall's between four and five o'clock to take up a friend, as he said to Probert, " to be killed as he travelled with him :" an expression which Probert said at the time he believed to have been a piece of idle bravado. He requested Probert to bring down Hunt in his own gig. In the course of that evening the prisoner Thurtell was seen in a gig, with a horse of an iron-grey colour, with a white face...
Page 254 - ... he called upon his landlord again, but mark the change in his appearance— dressed like a lord, in all the folly of the reigning fashion. He now described himself as the right heir to a German baron, who had been some time dead ; that lords Castlereagh and Sidmouth had acknowledged his claims to the title and property, had interfered in his behalf with the German government, and supplied him with money to support his rank in society. From this period I date his career as a government spy. 'He...

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