Governor's Message and Annual Reports of the Public Officers of the State, and of the Boards of Directors, Visitors, Superintendents, and Other Agents of Public Institutions Or Interests of Virginia, Partie 1

Samuel Shepherd, public printer, 1854

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Page 59 - The steward, under the direction of the superintending physician, and by his order, should make all purchases for the institution, keep the accounts, make engagements with, pay, and discharge those employed about the establishment ; have a supervision of the farm, garden, and grounds, and perform such other duties as may be assigned him.
Page 26 - An act to retrocede the county of Alexandria, in the District of Columbia, to the State of Virginia...
Page 59 - He should serve during good behavior ; reside on or very near the premises ; and his compensation should be so liberal as to enable him to devote his whole time and energies to the welfare of the hospital. He should nominate to the board suitable persons to act as assistant physician, steward, and matron. He should have...
Page 6 - Bonds," and the faith and credit of this state are hereby pledged for the payment of the interest and the redemption of the principal thereof.
Page 59 - ... not otherwise, the assistant physician, steward, and matron. They should, as a board, or by committee, visit and examine every part of the institution, at frequent stated intervals, not less than semi-monthly, and at such other times as they may deem expedient, and exercise so careful a supervision over the expenditures and general operations of the hospital, as to give to the community a proper degree of confidence in the correctness of its management.
Page 59 - State institution, selected in such manner as will be likely most effectually to protect it from all influences connected with political measures or political changes ; if of a private corporation, by those properly authorized to vote. II. The Board of Trustees should not exceed twelve in number, and be composed of individuals possessing...
Page 60 - The situation and circumstances of different institutions may require a considerable number of persons to be employed in various other positions ; but in every hospital, at least, all those that have been referred to are deemed not only desirable, but absolutely necessary, to give all the advantages that may be hoped for from a liberal and enlightened treatment of the insane.
Page 122 - ... to the best of his knowledge and belief. Given under my hand this 3d day of November 1853.
Page 59 - Physician, he should possess the mental, physical and social qualities, to fit him for the post. He should serve during good behavior, reside on, or very near the premises, and his compensation should be so liberal, as to enable him to devote his whole time and energies to the welfare of the Hospital. He should nominate to the Board suitable persons to act as Assistant Physician, Steward and Matron ; he should have...
Page 60 - If a chaplain is deemed desirable as a permanent officer, he should be selected by the superintendent, and like all others engaged in the care of the patients, should be entirely under his direction.

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