Harper & brothers, 1879 - 147 pages

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Page 96 - Good dame, here at your door Our wassail we begin, We are all maidens poor, We pray now let us in With our wassail. Our wassail we do fill With apples and with spice, Then grant us your good will To taste here once or twice Of our good wassail.
Page 98 - And now we must be gone, To seek out more good cheer ; Where bounty will be shown, As we have found it here, With our WasseL Much joy betide them all, Our prayers shall be still : We hope and ever shall, For this your great good will, To our WasseL...
Page 61 - And I will say to my soul, Soul, thou hast much goods laid up for many years ; take thine ease, cat, drink, and be merry.
Page 97 - But here they let us stand All freezing in the cold ; Good master, give command To enter and be bold, With our Wassail.
Page 135 - King, Peace on earth and mercy mild, God and sinners reconciled !" CHAPTER X. CONCLUSIONS are out of fashion nowadays — have become quite obsolete and unworthy of fast or sensation fiction. The dramatis persona of a story are dismissed generally very abruptly, and with a sort of shadowy fate, a speculative future hanging over them ; mysteries which have been growing deeper and darker are left unrevealed, or cleared up hurriedly; broken threads, which it would seem to require a whole volume to reunite,...
Page 96 - ... such occasions. Their outside part was short, yet many a longing glance was cast at the warm hearth and the full board within. The wassail song was now struck up with all the strength of the company. The execution exhibited every degree of nasal twang and nasal energy. These, modulated and organised by a Jullien, might have produced a novel effect ; as it was, the individual nose was too prominent and too independent. Thus ran the first verses of their ditty : — A jolly wassail bowl, A wassail...
Page 23 - The argument seemed to convince the heads of houses, as they gave their assent, with the proviso that it was not to be considered as a precedent, or as in any way to derogate from the rights and privileges of the Dibbles to be the exclusive wassailers. " Now then, comrade," says Kit, " what shall we call thee ?" "Oh, anything," responded the stranger; '.

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