The Rajas of the Punjab: Being the History of the Principal States in the Punjab and Their Political Relations with the British Government, Partie 27

Trübner & Company, 1873 - 630 pages

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Page 364 - Be assured that nothing shall disturb the engagement thus made to you, so long as your House is loyal to the Crown and faithful to the conditions of the Treaties, grants or engagements which record its obligations to the British Government.
Page 531 - Her Majesty being desirous that the Governments of the several Princes and Chiefs of India who now govern their own territories should be perpetuated, and that the representation and dignity of their houses should be continued...
Page 121 - Rajah will never maintain in the territory occupied by him and his dependants, on the left bank of the River Sutlej, more troops than are necessary for the internal duties of that territory, nor commit or suffer any encroachments on the possessions or rights of the Chiefs in its vicinity.
Page 121 - Perpetual friendship shall subsist between the British Government and the State of Lahore. The latter shall be considered, with respect to the former, to be on the footing of the most favored powers ; and the British Government will have no concern with the territories and subjects of the Rajah to the northward of the River Sutlej.
Page 122 - The country of the Chiefs thus taken under protection shall be exempted from all pecuniary tribute to the British Government.
Page 476 - Rao Holkar, it shall be stipulated that, immediately after the conclusion of the said treaty, Holkar shall evacuate the territories of the Sikhs, and march towards his own, and that he shall in no way whatever injure or destroy such parts of the Sikh country as may lie in his route. The British...
Page 214 - His support at such a crisis was worth a brigade of English troops to us, and served more to tranquillise the people than a hundred official disclaimers would have done.
Page 122 - GovernorGeneral in Council, I have the pleasure of publishing, for the satisfaction of the Chiefs of the country of Malwa and Sirhind, the pleasure and resolutions of the British Government, as contained in the seven following articles: — Article 1.
Page 476 - Singh, abstain from holding any friendly connection with the enemies of that Government, or from committing any act of hostility on their own parts against the said Government, the British armies shall never enter the territories of the said Chieftains, nor will the British Government form any plans for the seizure or sequestration of their possessions or property.
Page 591 - Sanod, and adopt such measures as may tend to the welfare of his people, the prosperity of his country, and the improvement of the soil, and ensure the administration of even-handed justice to the aggrieved, the restoration to the people of their just rights, and the security of the roads. He shall not subject his people to extortion, but keep them always contented. The subjects of the State of...

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