A Handbook for Rural School Officers

Houghton, Mifflin Company, 1920 - 213 pages

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Page 9 - State ; the residue to be appropriated by the Legislature of the State, for the encouragement of learning, of which one-sixth part shall be exclusively bestowed on a college or university.
Page 9 - That thirty-six sections, or one entire township, which shall be designated by the President of the United States, together with the one heretofore reserved for that purpose, shall be reserved for the use of a seminary of learning, and vested in the legislature of the said state, to be appropriated solely to the use of such seminary by the said legislature.
Page 122 - To bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parent and teacher may cooperate intelligently in the education of the child. "To surround the childhood of the whole world with that...
Page 122 - ... and special officers whose duty it shall be to so care for the child that he shall be rescued from rather than confirmed in evil ways. To work for such probationary care in individual homes rather than institutions. To give young people, ignorant of the proper care and training of...
Page 10 - Congress have not made appropriations of land for the purposes of education, are entitled to such appropriations as will correspond, in a just proportion with those heretofore made in favor of the other states.
Page 123 - The work of the Congress is civic work in its broadest and highest sense, and every man or woman who is interested in the aims of the Congress is cordially invited to become a member and aid in the organized effort for a higher, noblçr national life, which can only be attained through the individual homes.

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