Australia and the East: Being a Journal Narrative of a Voyage to New South Wales in an Emigrant Ship, with a Residence of Some Months in Sydney and the Bush, and the Route Home by Way of India and Egypt, in the Years 1841 and 1842

J. Murray, 1843 - 465 pages
"The author went out to Sydney in the Lady Kennaway, 584 tons. He gives an interesting account of New South Wales in the late thirties under the administration of Sir George Gipps."--Abebooks website

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Page 7 - Oh, who can tell, save he whose heart hath tried, And danced in triumph o'er the waters wide, The exulting sense - the pulse's maddening play, That thrills the wanderer of that trackless way?
Page 437 - What are the hopes of man ? Old Egypt's king Cheops erected the first pyramid And largest, thinking it was just the thing To keep his memory whole, and mummy hid ; But somebody or other rummaging, Burglariously broke his coffin's lid : Let not a monument give you or me hopes, Since not a pinch of dust remains of Cheops.
Page 468 - Bible in Spain; or the Journeys, Adventures, and Imprisonments of an Englishman in an Attempt to circulate the Scriptures in the Peninsula.
Page 87 - Nor is this to be wondered at, when it is remembered that the express is not unf requently not only days, but actually weeks in advance of the mails at this place.
Page 425 - Standing near the shore of this northern extremity of the Red Sea, I saw before me an immense sandy valley, which, without the aid of geological science, to the eye of common observation and reason, had once been the bottom of a sea, or the bed of a river. This dreary valley, extending far beyond the reach of the eye, had been partly explored by...
Page 468 - MAWE'S (HL) Journal of a Passage from the Pacific to the Atlantic, crossing the Andes in the Northern Provinces of Peru, and descending the great River Maranon.
Page 19 - You gentlemen of England Who live at home at ease, How little do you think On the dangers of the seas...
Page 437 - King Cheops is said, by Herodotus, to have employed three hundred and sixty thousand of his subjects for twenty years in raising over the ' angusta domus ' destined to hold his remains, a pile of stone equal in weight to six millions of tons, which is just three times that of the vast Breakwater thrown across Plymouth Sound ; and, to render this precious dust still more secure, the narrow chamber was made accessible only by small, intricate passages, obstructed by stones of an enormous weight, and...
Page 426 - Lake Asphaltites or the Dead Sea ; and it was manifest, by landmarks of Nature's own providing, that over that sandy plain those seas had once mingled their waters, or, perhaps more probably, that before the cities of the plain had been consumed by brimstone and fire, and Sodom and Gomorrah covered by a pestilential lake, the Jordan had here rolled its waters. The valley varied from...

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