The Christian Lawyer: Being a Portraiture of the Life and Character of William George Baker

Carlton & Porter, 1859 - 320 pages

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Page 282 - The God of Abraham praise, At whose supreme command From earth I rise — and seek the joys At his right hand ; I all on earth forsake, Its wisdom, fame and power, And him my only portion make, My shield and tower.
Page 112 - Blessing she is : God made her so ; And deeds of week-day holiness Fall from her noiseless as the snow ; Nor hath she ever chanced to know That aught were easier than to bless.
Page 269 - Thro' either babbling world of high and low; Whose life was work, whose language rife With rugged maxims hewn from life; Who never spoke against a foe...
Page 311 - Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him ; and he shall bring it to pass. And he shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light, and thy judgment as the noonday.
Page 287 - He is gone who seem'd so great.— Gone ; but nothing can bereave him Of the force he made his own Being here, and we believe him Something far advanced in State, And that he wears a truer crown Than any wreath that man can weave him. Speak no more of his renown, Lay your earthly fancies down, And in the vast cathedral leave him. God accept him, Christ receive him.
Page 112 - I love her with a love as still As a broad river's peaceful might, Which, by high tower and lowly mill, Goes wandering at its own will, And yet doth ever flow aright. And, on its full, deep breast serene, Like quiet isles my duties lie ; It flows around them and between, And makes them fresh and fair and green, Sweet homes wherein to live and die.
Page 7 - THERE are no colours in the fairest sky So fair as these. The feather, whence the pen Was shaped that traced the lives of these good men, Dropped from an Angel's wing. With moistened eye We read of faith and purest charity In Statesman, Priest, and humble Citizen...
Page 112 - She is a woman : one in whom The spring-time of her childish years Hath never lost its fresh perfume, Though knowing well that life hath room For many blights and many tears.
Page 10 - O'er all victorious, Come, and reign over us, Ancient of days ! 2 Come, thou incarnate Word ! Gird on thy mighty sword ; Our prayer attend : Come, and thy people bless, And give thy word success ; Spirit of holiness ! On us descend.
Page 111 - Yet in herself she dwelleth not, Although no home were half so fair; No simplest duty is forgot, Life hath no dim and lowly spot That doth not in her sunshine share IV She doeth little kindnesses, Which most leave undone, or despise : For naught that sets one heart at ease, And giveth happiness or peace, Is low- esteemed in her eyes.

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