Notes, Historical and Descriptive, on the Priory of Inchmahome: With Introductory Verses, and Appendix of Original Papers

J. Ballantyne and Company, 1815 - 194 pages

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Page 200 - He who hath bent him o'er the dead Ere the first day of death is fled, The first dark day of nothingness, The last of danger and distress, (Before Decay's effacing fingers Have swept the lines where beauty lingers...
Page 78 - I know each lane, and every alley green, Dingle, or bushy dell, of this wild wood, And every bosky bourn from side to side, My daily walks and ancient neighbourhood...
Page 198 - So often fills his arms ; so often draws His lonely footsteps, at the silent hour, To pay the mournful tribute of his tears ? Oh ! he will tell thee, that the wealth of worlds Should ne'er seduce his bosom to forego That sacred hour, when, stealing from the noise Of care and envy, sweet remembrance soothes With Virtue's kindest looks his aching breast, And turns his tears to rapture.
Page 30 - ... of the greater and those who were in authority. No difference was made, but all the churches were either defaced or pulled to the ground. The holy vessels, and whatsoever else men could make gain of, as timber, lead and bells were put to sale.
Page 100 - Thou shalt tread upon the lion and the adder, the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.
Page 195 - ... not unlike the cry of a pack of hounds in hollow, echoing woods, or the rushing of the wind in tall trees, or the tumbling of the tide upon a pebbly shore. When this ceremony is over, with the last gleam of day they retire for the night to the deep beechen woods of Tisted and Ropley.
Page 30 - The holy vessels, and whatsoever else men could make gain of, as timber, lead, and bells, were put to sale. The very sepulchres of the dead were not spared.
Page 67 - With store of ladies, whose bright eyes Rain influence, and judge the prize Of wit or arms, while both contend To win her grace whom all commend.
Page 68 - A line with a baited hook was tied to the leg of a goose, which thus accoutred, was made to swim in water of a proper depth. A boat containing a party, male and female, lord and lady fair, escorted this formidable knight-errant. By and...
Page 31 - ... by additions to the originals. They were indefatigable in erasing the best works of the most eminent Greek and Latin authors, in order to transcribe their ridiculous lives of saints on the obliterated vellum. One of the books of Livy is in the Vatican most painfully defaced by some pious father for the purpose of writing on it some missal or psalter, and there have been recently others discovered in the same state.

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