Excursions in the Mediterranean


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Page 67 - Persians' grave, I could not deem myself a slave. A king sate on the rocky brow Which looks o'er sea-born Salamis; And ships by thousands lay below, And men in nations; — all were his! He counted them at break of day, And when the sun set, where were they?
Page 90 - You have the Pyrrhic dance as yet; Where is the Pyrrhic phalanx gone? Of two such lessons, why forget The nobler and the manlier one?
Page 75 - Tis a grand sight from off the Giant's Grave To watch the progress of those rolling seas Between the Bosphorus, as they lash and lave Europe and Asia, you being quite at ease. There's not a sea the passenger e'er pukes in, Turns up more dangerous breakers than the Euxine.
Page 244 - Slow sinks, more lovely ere his race be run, Along Morea's hills the setting sun: Not, as in northern climes, obscurely bright, But one unclouded blaze of living light!
Page 259 - Est in conspectu Tenedos, notissima fama Insula, dives opum, Priami dum regna manebant, Nunc tantum sinus et statio male fida carinis.
Page 239 - Tsenarii chlamydem de sanguine aheni ; and for a cavern, which was supposed to be one of the entrances to the infernal regions.
Page 57 - Close to the sea, and in parts even covered by its waters, are the foundations of a variety of buildings...
Page 11 - And callous save to crime ; Stain'd with each evil that pollutes Mankind, where least above the brutes ; Without even savage virtue blest — Without one free or valiant breast. Still to the neighbouring ports they waft Proverbial wiles, and ancient craft ; In this the subtle Greek is found, For this, and this alone, renown'd.
Page 193 - ... that the ashes of those whom they buried there were left in peace. We might also make mention, more at length, of a tomb which was found at the point Beni Isa in 1761, having on its face a Phoenician inscription, which Sir William Drummond thus translates : " The interior room of the tomb of jEnnibal, illustrious in the consummation of calamity. He was beloved. The people, when they are drawn up in order of battle, weep for JEunibal the son of Bar Malek.

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