Summary of the Transactions of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Volume 3


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Page 171 - wretches crowding together to be warm, and in one bed, although in the middle of the day; several women were imprisoned under a blanket, because as many others, who had on their backs all the articles of dress that belonged to the party, were then out of doors in the streets.
Page 215 - injurious to the health of any person. " Or that upon any such premises, (being a building used wholly or in part as a dwelling house,) or being premises underneath any such building, any cattle or animal are or is kept, so as to be a nuisance to, or injurious to the health of, any person.
Page 187 - the employers and the men had been aware of the effects of vitiated atmosphere on the constitution and general strength, and of the means of ventilation, the practicable gain of money from the gain of labour by that sanitary measure could not have been less, in one large shop, employing two hundred men, than £100,000,
Page 157 - be pronounced to be complete and good, while in seven it is indifferent, and in forty-two decidedly bad, as regards the districts inhabited by the poorer classes." The investigations, within the several towns, of the arrangements for house as connected with street cleansing, present nearly the same results.
Page 177 - in passing fresh air from the external atmosphere over pipes or plates containing steam at a low pressure, or water the temperature of which in the boiler does not exceed 212° F., and placed in large air-chambers in the basement or cellar of the building to be heated.
Page 186 - objecting to their being opened. The oldest, who had been inured to the heat did not like the cold, and generally prevailed in keeping out the cold—that is, the fresh air." The effects of continued exposure to this impure and deleterious air were to drive away many before their
Page 202 - marriage, extensive arrangements were made for holding a chartist meeting, and for getting up what was called a demonstration of the working classes, which, greatly alarmed the municipal magistrates. Sir Charles Shaw, the Chief Commissioner of Police, induced the mayor to get the Botanical Garden,
Page 172 - mortality caused by residence " in the damp, dark, and chilly cellars" of New York, and of " the degraded habits of life, the filth, the degenerate morals, the confined and crowded apartments, and insufficient food of those who live in more elevated soil," engendering a different train of diseases,
Page 187 - Independently of subscription of the whole trade, it would diminish their working period of life, and have been sufficient, with the enjoyment of greater health and comfort by every workman during the time of work, to have purchased for him an annuity of £1
Page 32 - by the said parties of the second part, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, Do hereby grant, bargain, and sell, assign, transfer, and set over unto the

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