The Annual Register, Or, A View of the History, Politics, and Literature for the Year ...

J. Dodsley, 1815

Table des matières

Spain Political parties Ferdinand at Valencia joined by the grandees
Return of the Pope to Rome His measures for restoring the Ecclesiastical
Switzerland Federal compact published Opposition of the canton of Bern
GermanyHamburgHanover its erection to a Kingdom Prince Regents
Parliamentary affairs Motions for adjournment in both Houses Remarks
Bills to suspend and discontinue certain Proceedings against Clerical Per
Provision for the Duke of Wellington Congratulation of the House
Ball for the better Execution of the Laws in Ireland Discussion of
Naval Transactions Attempt by Sea and Land on Leghorn Capture
American war Capture of Fort Niagara American Gen Hull defeated
South America Mexico Chili Buenos Ayres Montevideo surrendered
Autumnal Session of Parliament Speech of the Prince Regent Address
Domestic Occurrences His Majestys State General tranquility of Great
Births 121
Promotions 127
Sheriffs 142
From Sir E Pellew Attempt to surprize Leghorn 148
From Rear Admiral Durham Capture of French frigates 154
From Capt PhillimoreCapture of French frigate 161
From Sir T Graham Failure at BergenopZoom 169
From Marq Wellington Entrance into Bourdeaux 175
Public General Acts
From Lord W BentinckCapture of Genoa 190
From Sir T Graham Evacuation of Antwerp 196
From Lieut Col Pilkington Capture of Moose Island 202
From Sir G Prevost Failure at Fort Erie 208

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Page 568 - Our thoughts as boundless, and our souls as free Far as the breeze can bear, the billows foam, Survey our empire, and behold our home! These are our realms, no limits to their sway Our flag the sceptre all who meet obey. Ours the wild life in tumult still to range From toil to rest, and joy in every change.
Page 569 - Slow sinks, more lovely ere his race be run, Along Morea's hills the setting sun: Not, as in northern climes, obscurely bright, But one unclouded blaze of living light!
Page 120 - Resolved, that an humble address be presented to His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, that he will be graciously pleased to give directions...
Page 265 - An act to amend an act of the 22d year of his present majesty, intituled an act to prevent the granting in future any patent office, to be exercised in any colony or plantation, now or at any time hereafter belonging to the crown of Great Britain, for any longer term than during such time as the grantee thereof, or person appointed thereto, shall discharge the duty thereof in person, and behave well therein.
Page 139 - ... spirit which inspired your troops with unbounded confidence, and taught them to know that the day of battle was always a day of victory ; that moral courage and enduring fortitude, which in perilous times, when gloom and doubt had beset ordinary minds, stood nevertheless unshaken ; and that ascendancy of character, which, uniting the energies of jealous and rival nations, enabled you to wield at will the fate and fortunes of mighty empires.
Page 568 - Oh, who can tell, save he whose heart hath tried, And danced in triumph o'er the waters wide, The exulting sense — the pulse's maddening play, That thrills the wanderer of that trackless way...
Page 221 - I have the honour to acquaint you, for the information of my Lords Commissioners of the Admir•alty, that at 5 o'clock pm on the 6th of August last, in latitude 24° 44...
Page 454 - Revolutionary struggle defeated his unrighteous projects. His threats and his barbarities, instead of dismay, will kindle in every bosom an indignation not to be extinguished but in the disaster and expulsion of such cruel invaders.
Page 387 - His Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias ; His Majesty the King...
Page 195 - December 24th, a treaty of peace and amity between Great Britain and the United States was signed, which afterwards received a ratification from both governments. The articles of this treaty chiefly related to the disputes respecting boundaries, for the determination of which it was agreed that commissioners should reciprocally be appointed.

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