A Collection of Treaties, Engagements, and Sanads Relating to India and Neighbouring Countries, Volume 9

Office of the Superintendent of Government Printing, India, 1892

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Page 34 - Singh shall resign for himself, his heirs, and his successors, all right, title, and claim to the sovereignty of the Punjab, or to any sovereign power whatever.
Page 23 - The Sikh army has now, without a shadow of provocation, invaded the British territories. " The Governor-General must, therefore, take measures for effectually protecting the British provinces, for vindicating the authority of the British Government, and for punishing the violators of treaties and the disturbers of public peace. The Governor-General hereby declares the possessions of Maharajah Dhuleep Singh, on the left or British banks of the Sutlej, confiscated and annexed to the British territories.
Page 23 - The Governor-General's agent, by direction of the Governor-General, demanded an explanation of this movement, and no reply being returned within a reasonable time, the demand was repeated. The GovernorGeneral, unwilling to believe in the hostile intentions of the Sikh government, to which no provocation had been given, refrained...
Page 26 - Regiments of Infantry, upon the system, and according to the Regulations as to pay and allowances, observed in the time of the late Maharajah Runjeet Singh.
Page 178 - Her Majesty being desirous that the Governments of the several Princes and Chiefs of India, who now govern their own territories, should be perpetuated, and that the representation and dignity of their Houses should be continued...
Page 24 - Sutlej, who by their faithful adherence to the British Government may be liable to sustain loss, shall be indemnified and secured in all their just rights and privileges. On the other hand, all subjects of the British Government...
Page 460 - When the Commissioners agree, their decision shall be final in all cases. When they are unable to agree, the parties shall have the right of nominating a single arbitrator, and shall bind themselves in writing to abide by his award. Should the parties not be able to agree upon a single arbitrator, each party shall name one, and the two Commissioners shall name a third, and the decision of the majority of the arbitrators shall be final.
Page 21 - Territory, for the support of the Shah, and to be sent to the aid of His Majesty, whenever the British Government, in concert and counsel with the Maharajah, shall deem their aid necessary ; and when any matter of great importance may arise to the westward, such measures...
Page 88 - Be assured that nothing shall disturb the engagement thus made to you, so long as your House is loyal to the Crown and faithful to the conditions of the Treaties, grants or engagements which record its obligations to the British Government.
Page 348 - In consideration of the transfer made to him and his heirs by the provisions of the foregoing articles, Maharaja Gulab Singh will pay to the British Government the sum of seventy-five lacs of rupees (Nanakshahi), fifty lacs to be paid on ratification of this treaty, and twenty-five lacs on or before the 1st of October of the current year, A.!D. 1846.

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