Australia in the making

Smith, Elder, 1913

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Page vii - Prussia was unknown; and, in order that he might rob a neighbour whom he had promised to defend, black men. fought on the coast of Coromandel , and red men scalped each other by the Great Lakes of North America.
Page 349 - We had at length discovered a country ready for the immediate reception of civilised man, and fit to become eventually one of the great nations of the earth.
Page 38 - have the most unpleasant looks and the worst features of any people that ever I saw, though I have seen great variety of savages.
Page 184 - You are to endeavour by every means in your power to open an intercourse with the natives, and to conciliate their good will, enjoining all persons under your Government to live in amity and kindness with them...
Page 49 - Had we found out a continent there, we might have been better enabled to gratify curiosity ; but we hope our not having found it, after all our persevering researches, will leave less room for future speculation about unknown worlds remaining to be explored.
Page 40 - Terra' begins at two or three degrees from the equator, and is maintained by some to be of so great an extent, that if it were thoroughly explored, it would be regarded as a fifth part of the world.
Page 50 - My fate drives me from one extreme to another ; a few months ago the whole southern hemisphere was hardly big enough for me, and now I am going to be confined within the limits of Greenwich Hospital, which are far too small for an active mind like mine. I must, however, confess it is a fine retreat and a pretty income, but whether I can bring myself to like ease and retirement, time will show.
Page 156 - I am called upon to execute a most painful duty. You are charged by the respectable inhabitants of crimes that render you unfit to exercise the supreme authority another moment in this colony ; and in that charge all the officers serving under my command have joined.
Page 231 - It is a most magnificent testimony to the power of the British nation. Here, in a less promising country, scores of years have done many more times more than an equal number of centuries have effected in South America.
Page 144 - What have I to do with your sheep, sir ? what have I to do with your cattle ? Are you to have such flocks of sheep and such herds of cattle as no man ever heard of before ? No, sir...

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