The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Miscellany

Wm. H. Allen & Company, 1844

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Page 87 - ... for the administration of the law therein, and to assume and usurp the prerogative of the Crown in the establishment of courts for the administration of the law.
Page 91 - SELECTIONS FROM THE KUR-AN, commonly called in England, THE KORAN, with an interwoven commentary, translated from the Arabic, methodically arranged, and illustrated by notes, chiefly from Sale's edition. To which is prefixed, an Introduction, taken from Sale's Preliminary Discourse, with corrections and additions. By EDWARD WILLIAM LANE, Author of " The Manners and Customs of the Modern Egyptians," and Translator of
Page 586 - But if thy Lord had pleased, verily all who are in the earth would have believed in general. Wilt thou therefore forcibly compel men to be true believers? No soul can believe but by the permission of God: and he shall pour out his indignation on those who will not understand. Say, Consider, whatever is in heaven and on earth: but signs are of no avail, neither preachers, unto people who will not believe.
Page 2 - Sincerely attached to peace for the sake of the benefits it confers upon the people, the Governor-General is resolved that peace shall be observed, and will put forth the whole power of the British Government to coerce the state by which it shall be infringed.
Page 594 - Afterward, Hargovind, son of Arjunmal, eat flesh, and went to hunt, and his followers imitated his example. N&nac praised the religion of the Muselmans, as well as the Avatars and the divinities of the Hindus; but he knew that these objects of veneration were created and not creators, and he denied their real descent FROM HEAVEN, and their union WITH MANKIND. It is said that he wore the rosary of the Muselmans in his hand, and the Zunar, or the religious thread of the Hindus, around his neck.
Page 650 - Moorad your Lordship's support in having the Turban, which your Lordship has approved of. The next step was to secure him the exercise of its power now, even during his brother's life. This I was so fortunate to succeed in, by persuading Meer Roostum to place himself in Ali Moorad's hands.
Page 517 - Afghan expedition as a crime, who had gone out of his way to mark his total dissent from the policy of his predecessor, who had so recently put forth to the world that memorable declaration, that, ' content with the limits that nature appears to have assigned to its empire, the government of India will devote all its efforts to the establishment and maintenance of general peace...
Page 87 - Guilty of assembling with unlawful banners an unlawful assembly, for the purpose of moving and inciting the liege subjects of our Sovereign Lord the King to contempt and hatred of the Government and Constitution of the realm, as by law established, and attending at the same.
Page 593 - Sattee is meant that, on her husband's decease, she should consume in the fire along with him all her desires, and thus die before the period assigned by nature; as in metaphysical language woman signifies
Page 589 - ... devouring of innoxious creatures. They state the later historians to have recorded without due discrimination that Rustam, the son of Dastan (who was one of the perfect saints), used to slay such animals: whereas tradition informs us, that the mighty champion pursued in the chase noxious animals only : what they write about his hunting the wild ass, implies that the elephant-bodied hero called the lion a wild ass ; or, " that a lion is no more than a wild ass when compared to my force." In the...

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