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Municipal Printing Office, 1900

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Page 99 - ... except the taxes assessed upon shares of stock of national banks shall bear interest at the rate of twelve per cent, per annum from and including said first day of November until paid; and that all interest which shall have become due on taxes shall be added to and be a part of such taxes.
Page 13 - Chairman shall decide all questions of order, subject to an appeal to the Board at the request of any two members.
Page 174 - All incidental questions of order arising after a motion is made for the previous question, and pending such motion, shall be decided, whether on appeal or otherwise, without debate.
Page 47 - ... the respective sums of money hereinafter specified be, and the same are, hereby appropriated for the several departments, and for the objects and purposes hereinafter stated.
Page 13 - When an order or resolution relates to a subject which may properly be examined and reported upon by an existing committee of the city council, such order or resolution shall, upon presentation, be referred to such committee. When a motion is made to refer any subject, and different committees are proposed, the motion shall be put in the following order: 1.
Page 174 - No motion or proposition on a subject different from that under consideration shall be admitted under color of amendment.
Page 43 - ... by law or ordinance, or, in case of an appointment to fill a vacancy, for the unexpired term. Subject to confirmation, as aforesaid, the mayor shall annually, in the month of February, appoint...
Page 62 - The mayor and aldermen of any city, or the selectmen of any town, may license all theatrical exhibitions, public shows, public amusements, and exhibitions of every description, to which admission is obtained upon payment of money, or the delivery of any valuable thing, or by any ticket, or voucher obtained for money, or any valuable thing...
Page 13 - Board shall have adjourned, and shall call the members to order, and, a quorum being present, shall cause the minutes of the preceding...
Page 174 - When a motion for reconsideration has been decided, that decision shall not be reconsidered, and no question shall be twice reconsidered unless it has been amended after the reconsideration; nor shall any reconsideration be had upon either of the following motions : To adjourn.

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