The Asiatic Annual Register, Or, A View of the History of Hindustan, and of the Politics, Commerce and Literature of Asia, Volume 5

Lawrence Dundas Campbell, E. Samuel
J. Debrett, Picadilly, 1804
Includes: A history of British India, monthly chronicles of Asian events, accounts, travel literature, general essays, reviews of books on Asia, political analyses, poetry, and letters from readers.

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Page 63 - ... event. Not a moment was lost in repairing to his house. He was lying on his bed in a posture of meditation ; and the only symptom of remaining life was a small degree of motion in the heart, which, after a few seconds, ceased ; and he expired without a pang or groan.
Page 68 - So cautious was he to guard the independence of his character from any possibility of violation or imputation, that no solicitation could prevail upon him, 'to use his personal influence with the members of administration in India, to advance the private interests of friends whom he esteemed, and which he would have been happy to promote.
Page 70 - ... it has gay plumage, and has never been accurately delineated, or deprive even a butterfly of its natural enjoyments...
Page 63 - Argaum, and in their front a plain, which however was much cut by watercourses, &c. " I formed the army in two lines ; the infantry in the first, the cavalry in the second, and supporting the right ; and the Mogul and Mysore cavalry the left, nearly parallel to that of the enemy, with the right rather advanced to press upon the enemy's left.
Page 37 - Dekan ; and a seasonable and effectual check to the ambition, pride, and rapacity of the enemy. The prosperous result of these advantages must be accelerated by the auspicious progress of our arms in other provinces of India; and it may reasonably be expected that the decisive victories gained at DELHI and ASSYE, on the llth and 23d of September, will speedily compel the enemy to restore peace to Hindostan and to the Dekan.
Page 18 - February 18, 1865. SIR : I have the honor to transmit for your information a copy of a report made to me by the high sheriff of St.
Page 126 - After several members had spoken on each side, the resolution was agreed to. On March 18th, the Chancellor of the Exchequer moved the order of the day, for the House to resolve itself into a committee on the consolidated fund produce bill. On the motion, " That Mr. Speaker do now leave the chair,
Page 117 - Free from solicitude for dress; ' How best to bind my flowing hair * With art, yet with an artless air * (My hair, like musk in scent and hue ; ' Oh ! blacker far and sweeter too) ; ' In what nice braid or glossy curl ' To fix a diamond or a pearl, ' And where to smooth the love-spread toils ' With nard or jasmin's fragrant oils...
Page 63 - ... posture of meditation, and the only symptom of remaining life, was a small degree of motion in the heart, which after a few seconds ceased, and he expired without a pang or groan. His bodily suffering, from the complacency of his features and the ease of his attitude, could not have been severe...
Page 181 - Dooab, or country situated between the Jumna and Ganges ; and all his forts, territories, rights, and interests in the countries which are to the northward of those of the Rajahs of Jeypoor and...

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