Memoirs of the Life of Dr. Darwin: Chiefly During His Residence at Lichfield, with Anecdotes of His Friends, and Criticisms on His Writings

Johnson, 1804 - 430 pages

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Page 211 - And, like. the bafelefs fabric of a vifion, Leave not a wreck behind ! We are fuch IlufT As dreams are made on, and our Uttle life Is rounded with a deep.
Page 301 - The proper ftudy of Mankind is Man. Plac'd on this ifthmus of a middle ftate, A being darkly wife, and rudely great : With too much knowledge for the Sceptic fide...
Page 301 - And not for justice ? What, shall one of us, That struck the foremost man of all this world But for supporting robbers, shall we now Contaminate our fingers with base bribes, And sell the mighty space of our large honours For so much trash as may be grasped thus ? I had rather be a dog, and bay the moon, Than such a Roman.
Page 424 - There's no prerogative in human hours. In human hearts what bolder thought can rise Than man's presumption on to-morrow's dawn? Where is to-morrow? In another world. For numbers this is certain; the reverse Is sure to none; and yet on this perhaps, This peradventure, infamous for lies, As on a rock of adamant, we build Our mountain hopes; spin...
Page 345 - No radiant pearl, which crefted Fortune wears, No gem, that twinkling hangs from Beauty's ears, Not the bright ftars, which night's blue arch adorn, Nor rifing funs, that gild the vernal morn, Shine with fuch luftre as the tear, that breaks, for other's woe, down Virtue's manly cheeks.
Page 125 - SPEECH OF A WATER NYMPH If the meek flower of bashful dye, Attract not thy incurious eye ; If the soft, murmuring rill to rest Encharm not thy tumultuous breast, Go, where Ambition lures the vain, Or Avarice barters peace for gain I "Dr.
Page 2 - Florid health, and the earnest of good humour, a sunny smile, on entering a room, and on first accosting his friends, rendered, in his youth, that exterior agreeable, to which beauty and symmetry had not been propitious.
Page 422 - They did so; but all was over before he could arrive. " It was reported at Lichfield, that, perceiving himself growing rapidly worse, he said to Mrs. Darwin, " My dear, you must bleed me instantly." " Alas! I dare not, lest—" " Emma, will you ? There is no time to be lost." "Yes, my dear father, if you will direct me.
Page 89 - Pull one of them to pieces for its materials ; place another before these canary-birds, as * pattern, and see if they will make the slightest effort to imitate their model ! No, the result of. their labour will, upon instinctive* hereditary impulse, be exactly the slovenly little mansion of their race ; the same with that which their parents built before themselves...
Page 338 - Soon hears his listening son the welcome sounds, With open arms and sparkling eyes he bounds : —

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