A cruise to Egypt, Palestine and Greece

Privately printed, 1834

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Page 65 - Proclaim thee Nature's varied favourite now: Thy fanes, thy temples to thy surface bow, Commingling slowly with heroic earth, Broke by the share of every rustic plough...
Page 56 - For in the hand of the Lord there is a cup, and the wine is red : it is full mixed, and he poureth out of the same.
Page 55 - Carmel, which is wooded from the top to the bottom with most beautiful shrubs, interspersed with a variety of flowers. " In many places there were men transplanting the olive trees, which seemed to grow in wild profusion. There is abundance of game all over the mountain, wild boars, gazelles, and hares find shelter in the underwood, and all the streams swarm with every species of waterfowl.
Page 67 - ... these notes were never intended for the press, and are not meant to be published. They were printed for private distribution only...
Page 45 - ... for the foot passengers and camels, and on each side are broad counters, where the Jews and Turks sit cross-legged, smoking their pipes and drinking coffee, and offering their goods for sale...
Page 19 - ... do at Fredericksburg. General Lee did not entertain the proposition, however, and we continued our preparations to meet the enemy at the latter place.* At a point just above the town, a range of hills begins, extending from the river edge out a short distance and bearing around the valley somewhat in the form of a crescent. On the opposite side are the noted Stafford Heights, then occupied by the Federals. At the foot of these hills flows the Rappahannock River. On the Confederate side nestled...
Page 45 - Shechem is considered the finest town in Syria, but all its beauty is lost upon an European from the narrowness of the streets : there is however a very fine Bazaar, and, to a stranger, I know nothing more striking than these Eastern Markets.

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