The Aspects of Religion in the United States of America

S. Low, 1859 - 189 pages

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Page 5 - ... Precepts. Second Edition, with Photograph. A Memorial of the Prince Consort; comprising Maxims and Extracts from Addresses of His late Royal Highness. Many now for the first time collected and carefully arranged. With an Index.
Page 16 - Athenaeum, Nov. 17. A History of Medicine, from its Origin to the Nineteenth Century. By Dr. PV Renouard. 8vo. 18s. Letters to a Young Physician just entering upon Practice; by James Jackson, MD Fcp. 8vo.
Page 8 - The Works of Josephus, with a Life written by Himself. Translated from the original Greek, including Explanatory Notes and Observations. By William Whiston, AM With a Complete Index. 4 vols.
Page 5 - Such works are a glorious beatification for a poet. Such 'works as these educate townsmen, who, surrounded by dead and artificial things, as country people are by life and nature, scarcely learn to look at nature till taught by these concentrated specimens of her beauty.
Page 9 - THE NEW AND THE OLD; Or, California and India in Romantic Aspects. By J. W. PALMER, MD, author of
Page 9 - Northern Travel. Summer and Winter Pictures of Sweden, Lapland, and Norway, by Bayard Taylor. 1 vol. post 8vo., cloth, 8s. 6d.
Page 10 - CAREY'S Pictures of Country Life. 1s. 6d. Angel over the Right Shoulder. Is. Boy Missionary ; by Mrs. JM Parker. Is. 6rf. Domestic Servants, their Duties and Rights; by a Barrister. Is. Dred; by Mrs. HB Stowe. (160th thousand.) Is. 6d. Fools' Pence, and other Tales ; by CB Tayler, MA 2s.
Page 13 - Impressions of England." Revised for the use of the Church of England, by the Rev. Leopold John Bernays, MA Printed by Whittingham. Fcp. 8vo. cloth, red edges. 3s.
Page 15 - A Treatise on the Measure of Damages ; or, An Enquiry into the Principles which govern the Amount of Compensation in Courts of Justice. By Theodore Sedgwick. Third revised Edition, enlarged. Imperial 8vo. cloth. 31s.
Page 4 - HISTORY of Coal, Coke, Coal Fields, the Winning and Working of Collieries. Varieties of Coal, Mine Surveying, and Government Inspection. Iron, its ores and processes of Manufacture throughout Great Britain, France, Belgium, &c. Including Estimates of the Capital required to embark in the Coal, Coke, or Iron Trades; the probable amount of profit to be realised; value of Mineral Property, &c. &c. By. W. Fordyce, Author of a History of the County Palatine of Durham.

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