A Memoir of Central India, Including Malwa, and Adjoining Provinces, Volume 2

Parbury, Allen, & Company, 1832

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Page 405 - Udaipur will always act in subordinate co-operation with the British Government, and acknowledge its supremacy, and will not have any connection with other Chiefs or states.
Page 403 - Sing and his heirs and successors will act in subordinate co-operation with the British Government and acknowledge its supremacy, and will not have any connection with any other Chiefs or States. ARTICLE 4. The Maharajah and his heirs and successors will not enter into negotiation with any Chief or State without the knowledge and sanction of the British Government ; but the usual amicable correspondence with friends and relations shall continue.
Page 440 - ... do not know the example of any great population, in similar circumstances, preserving, through such a period of changes and tyrannical rule, so much of virtue and so many good qualities as are to be found in a great proportion of the inhabitants of this country.
Page 209 - Rajpoot chiefs of high rank, and small fortunes, who, from a despair of obtaining a suitable, marriage for their daughters, are led by an infatuated pride to become the destroyers of their own offspring. This usage is, however, on the decline ; and every effort has been made to prevent the recurrence of such crime.
Page 402 - There shall be perpetual friendship, alliance and unity of interests between the Honourable English East India Company and Maharajah Maun Singh, and his heirs and successors; and the friends and enemies of one party shall be the friends and enemies of both.
Page 433 - ... with which we conduct ourselves towards them; and injured by every act that offends their belief or superstition, that shows disregard or neglect of individuals or communities, or that evinces our having, with the arrogance of conquerors, forgotten those maxims by which this great empire has been established, and by which alone it can be preserved.
Page 203 - Zemindars*, who have from fifty to two hundred female slaves in their family, after employing them in the menial labours of their house during the day, send them at night to their own dwellings, where they are at liberty to form such connexions as they please ; but a large share of the profits of that promiscuous intercourse into which they fall is annually exacted by their master, who adds any children they happen to produce to his list of slaves. The female slaves in this condition, as well as...
Page 403 - Oudeypore will not commit aggressions upon any one ; and if by accident a dispute arise with any one, it shall be submitted to the arbitration and award of the British Government.
Page 134 - The Charun's chief power is derived from an impression, that it is certain ruin and destruction to shed his blood, or that of any of his family, or to be the cause of its being shed. They obtain a high rank in society, and a certain livelihood, from...
Page 403 - Maharajah and his heirs and successors shall remain absolute rulers of their country, and the jurisdiction of the British Government shall not be introduced into that principality.

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