Condemned Unheard: The Government of India and H.H. the Maharaja of Kashmir : a Letter to the Rt. Hon. Sir Ughtred Kay-Shuttleworth

Indian Political Agency, 1890 - 226 pages

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Page 44 - Singh will refer to the arbitration of the British Government any disputes or questions that may arise between himself and the Government of Lahore, or any other neighbouring State, and will abide by the decision of the British Government.
Page 51 - We desire no extension of our present territorial possessions: and, while we will permit no aggression upon our dominions or our rights to be attempted with impunity, we shall sanction no encroachment on those of others. We shall respect the rights, dignity, and honour of native princes as our own...
Page 44 - Singh engages never to take or retain in his service any British subject nor the subject of any European or American State without the consent of the British Government. Article 8. Maharaja Gulab Singh engages to respect in regard to the...
Page 43 - Singh, and the heirs male of his body, all the hilly or mountainous country, with its dependencies, situated to the eastward of the river Indus, and westward of the river Ravi, including Chamba and excluding Lahul, being part of the territory ceded to the British Government by the Lahore State, according to the provisions of Article 4 of the treaty of Lahore, dated 9th March 1846.
Page 175 - I beg to ask leave to move the Adjournment of the House for the purpose of discussing a definite matter of urgent...
Page 151 - Council •should thoroughly understand that, although the Council will have full powers of administration, they will be expected to •exercise those powers under the guidance of the British Resident. They will take no step of importance without consulting him, and they will follow his advice whenever it may be offered.
Page 205 - ... documents ; that, with regard to the expedition to Khiva, Count Schouvalow was aware that Lord Northbrook had given the strongest advice to the Khan to comply with the reasonable demands of the Emperor, and if the expedition were undertaken and carried out with the OBJECT and WITHIN THE LIMITS described by Count Schouvalow, it would meet with no remonstrance from Her Majesty's Government...
Page 44 - Lahul, being part of the territories ceded to the British Government by the Lahore State, according to the provisions of Article IV, of the Treaty of Lahore dated 9th March 1846.
Page 114 - As to the urgent need of reforms in the administration of the State, there is, unfortunately, no room for doubt. It may, indeed, be a question whether, having regard to the circumstances under which the sovereignty of the country was entrusted to the present Hindu ruling family, the intervention of the British Government on behalf of the Muhammadan population has not already been too long delayed: but, however this may be, Her Majesty's Government are satisfied that, upon a fresh succession, no time...
Page 185 - Notwithstanding the ample resources of your State, your treasury was empty? corruption and disorder prevailed in every department and every office; Your Highness was still surrounded by low and unworthy favorites; and the continued misgovernment of your State was becoming every day a more serious source of anxiety.

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