The national bankruptcy, and other poems

W. Pickering, 1844 - 80 pages

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Page 111 - The stars are forth, the moon above the tops Of the snow-shining mountains. — Beautiful ! I linger yet with Nature, for the night Hath been to me a more familiar face Than that of man; and in her starry shade Of dim and solitary loveliness, I learn'd the language of another world.
Page 129 - O Praise the Lord of heaven ; praise him in the height. Praise him, all ye angels of his ; praise him, all his host. Praise him, sun and moon; praise him, all ye stars and light. Praise him, all ye heavens, and ye waters that are above the heavens. Let them praise the name of the Lord ; for he spake the word, and they were made; he commanded, and they were created.
Page 129 - Praise Him, fowls and cattle, princes and all kings, Praise Him, men and maidens, all created things ; For the Name of God is excellent alone ; Over earth His footstool, over heaven His throne. " Praise ye the Lord from the heavens ; - '^ praise Him in the heights.
Page 138 - Wolkenzug und Nebelflor Erhellen sich von oben. Luft im Laub und Wind im Rohr — Und alles ist zerstoben.
Page 12 - ... pride to keep it alive. Fiesco scorned by Italy — discarded by her Princes, would still be as dear to the faithful heart of Costanza as in his hour of richest triumph ! Her voice would not be the last to wish him joy of success, but it would surely be the first to cheer him in disappointment ! " 'Tis the light of love that pierces where the shadows deepest lie, Not in vain hath sung the Poet, love alone can never die ! " Soothed by the blessed influence of prayer, the Princess arose from her...

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