The goldfinch, being a collection of the most esteemed modern songs in the English language

J. Gold, 1805

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Page 95 - HERE, a sheer hulk, lies poor Tom Bowling, The darling of our crew; No more he'll hear the tempest howling, For Death has broached him to. His form was of the manliest beauty. His heart was kind and soft ; Faithful below he did his duty, But now he's gone aloft.
Page 188 - And blithe as the lark that each day hails the dawn Look forward with hope for Tomorrow. With a porch at my door, both for shelter and shade too As the sunshine or rain may prevail ; And a small spot of ground for the use of the spade too, With a barn for the use of the flail : A cow for my dairy, a dog for my game...
Page 169 - I've let lodgings ten years, — I'ma baker to boot; " In airing your sheets, sir, my wife is no sloven; " And your bed is immediately — over my oven." "The oven!!!" — says Will ;— says the host, "Why this passion ? " In that excellent bed died three people of fashion.
Page 184 - The moon had climbed the highest hill Which rises o'er the source of Dee, And from the eastern summit shed Her silver light on tower and tree; When Mary laid her down to sleep, Her thoughts on Sandy far at sea, When, soft and low, a voice was heard, Saying, 'Mary, weep no more for me!
Page 216 - Cupid from his favourite nation Care and envy will remove; Jealousy, that poisons passion, And despair, that dies for love, Gentle murmurs, sweet complaining, Sighs, that blow the fire of love; Soft repulses, kind disdaining, Shall be all the pains you prove. Every swain shall pay his duty, Grateful every nymph shall prove; And as these excel in beauty, Those shall be renown'd for love.
Page 198 - Your charms would make me true. To you no soul shall bear deceit, No stranger offer wrong; But friends in all the aged you'll meet, And lovers in the young.
Page 234 - I'm drest all in my best To walk abroad with Sally; She is the darling of my heart, And she lives in our alley. My master carries me to church. And often am I blamed Because I leave him in the lurch As soon as text is named; I leave the church in sermon-time And slink away to Sally; She is the darling of my heart, And she lives in our alley.
Page 62 - But now he's gone aloft. Tom never from his word departed, His virtues were so rare; His friends were many and true-hearted, His Poll was kind and fair: And then he'd sing so blithe and jolly; Ah, many's the time and oft! But mirth is turned to melancholy, For Tom is gone aloft.
Page 246 - But first, and chiefest, with thee bring, Him that yon soars on golden wing, Guiding the fiery-wheeled throne, The Cherub Contemplation; And the mute Silence hist along, 'Less Philomel will deign a song...
Page 234 - But sure such folks could ne'er beget So sweet a girl as Sally ! She is the darling of my heart, And she lives in our alley.

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