The Half-yearly Abstract of the Medical Sciences: Being a Digest of British and Continental Medicine, and of the Progress of Medicine and the Collateral Sciences

William Harcourt Ranking, Charles Bland Radcliffe, William Domett Stone
H. C. Lea, 1852

Table des matières

On some Injurious consequences of the Use of Antimony in Pneumonia By Dr Bowling 28 33 8888
Diseases of the Circulatory System 11 Observations on the Impulse of the Heart By Robert Cartwright Esq 12 Treatment of Rheumatic Pericarditis By...
On the Physical Examination of the Abdomen in Health and Disease By Dr C
On RetroPharyngeal Abscess By Dr Allin
Remarks on the Double Flap Operation By Nathaniel Ward
On the Diagnosis of Diseases of the Stomach By Dr H Kennedy
On the Nature of Diabetes By Dr Bence Jones
On Strictures of the Urethra By G I Guthrie
On the Treatment of Diabetes By J Hogg
On a Particular Form of Diarrhoea with Suggestions for its Treatment By Dr Henry Kennedy
On Certain Secondary Forms of Diarrhea By Dr Sandwith
On the Varieties of Alkaline Urine By Dr Bence Jones
On Acute and Chronic Desquamative Nephritis By Dr George Johnson
On Suppuration in Bone with Cases of Abscess of the Tibia successfully treated
Nature and Causes of Surgical Diseases
On Certain Morbid States of the Corpus Cavernosum Penis By Henry James
Treatment of Ununited Fracture of the Patella By M Bonnet
tion of the Perineal Section By John Simon Esq PAGE
Remarks on Operations for Impassable Stricture of the Rectum By S B Curl ing
Treatment of Spermatorrhoea
Hydrastis Canadensis in Gonorrhea 145 146 147 148 63 Treatment of Obstinate Ulcers by the internal use of Tincture of Cantharides By J Hart Esq i...
Five Calculi Removed by Lithotomy each containing a Field Bean as a Nucleus By Dr Mackenzie 66 Aneurism of the Femoral ArteryDeligation of th...
On Morbid Vascularity of the Female Urethra By Dr Gream SECT I Midwifery and Diseases of Women
On the Uterine Sound By Dr Higgins 151
On Uterine Granulations By M Chomel
On the Differential Diagnosis of Ovarium Tumours By Dr Frederick Bird

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Page iv - THE HALF-YEARLY ABSTRACT OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. Being a Digest of the Contents of the principal British and Continental Medical Works; together with a Critical Report of the Progress of' Medicine and the Collateral Sciences.
Page 33 - ... until the 21st of March, an entire month after the belladonna had been regularly administered. There was thus ample time for the manifestation of its virtue as a prophylactic; but the subsequent occurrence of so many cases seems to throw considerable dubiety over the existence of any such power. No experience of a merely negative character can be regarded as of much weight, when contrasted with this positive experience now detailed. It is by no means unusual to meet with only two or three cases...
Page 293 - No Hospital for the insane should be built without the plan having been first submitted to some physician or physicians who have had charge of a similar establishment, or are practically acquainted with all the details of their arrangements, and received his or their full approbation.
Page 304 - DR. HEADLAND. ON THE ACTION OF MEDICINES IN THE SYSTEM. Being the Prize Essay to which the Medical Society of London awarded the Fothergillian Gold Medal for 1852. Second Edition. 8vo. cloth, 10s. MR. HIQGINBOTTOM, FRS, FRCS AN ESSAY ON THE USE OF THE NITRATE OF SILVER IN THE CURE OF INFLAMMATION, WOUNDS, AND ULCERS. Second Edition. Price 5s. ADDITIONAL OBSERVATIONS' ON THE NITRATE OF SILVER; with full Directions for its Use as a Therapeutic Agent.
Page 294 - ... moisture. XXV. The wards for the most excited class should be constructed with rooms on but one side of a corridor, not less than ten feet wide, the external windows of which should be large, and have pleasant views from them. XXVI.
Page 80 - ... many years and ultimately died of some other disorder, and on dissection cicatrices and concretions have been found in the lungs.
Page 79 - ... in persons advanced in life. The conclusion arrived at was that the spontaneous arrestment of tubercle in its early stage occurred in the proportion of from one-third to one-half of all the individuals who die after the age of forty.
Page 293 - The highest number that can with propriety be treated in one building is two hundred and fifty, while two hundred is a preferable maximum.
Page 47 - ... to slightly affect the system ; this, conjoined with occasional tonics, diuretics, and stimuli to support the vital powers and enable the patient to undergo this treatment, is occasionally productive of considerable benefit, in cases apparently placed quite beyond the reach of improvement or cure.
Page 29 - ... buzzing of bees, and the waving or rustling of trees ; while, on the other hand, persons living in towns, or in the vicinity of machinery or manufactures, say that they hear the rolling of carriages, hammerings, and the various noises caused by steam engines. Servants almost invariably add to their other complaints that they suffer from " the ringing of bells

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