Indian Wars of New England, Volume 3, Volume 3

Heritage Books, 2013 - 708 pages
This is an especially valuable work for students of the French and Indian War. The extensive notes alone provide an abundance of further research materials. As the European powers struggled for control over the New World, the colonists endured wave after wave of brutal Indian attacks. This final volume of the series contains four separate sections: Queen Anne's War, Lovewell's War, Governor Shirley's War and the French and Indian War. Queen Anne's War was known in Europe as the War of Spanish Succession. It lasted from 1704 to 1713. Accounts of numerous Indian attacks are given in this section, which is very detailed with victim's names and places. Lovewell's War, 1722-1726, came about as the militant Jesuit missionary, Father Rale, encouraged Indians to raid the English. Settlers, in retaliation, collected up to £100 for bringing in the scalp of an Indian. The French again declared war on England in 1744. Governor Shirley's War was known by these other names: the Spanish or Five Years' War, War of Austrian Succession and King George's War. Funds were appropriated for forts along the frontier, but attacks on the colonists continued as in the previous wars. The "final" French and Indian War was officially declared in 1756. Major events included the attack on Fort #4 (Charlestown, New Hampshire), the capture of Forts Frontenac and Niagara, the second fall of Louisbourg, the climatic battle for Quebec upon the Plains of Abraham, and the decimation of the St. Francis Indian village by Robert Rogers and his Rangers. This is a fascinating chronicle of important turning points in American history. The exhaustive notes in this volume are as interesting as the main narrative.

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