Annual report of the Governors of the Almshouse, New York. v. 11, 1859, Volume 11

Governors of the Almshouse, 1849-19uu., 1860

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Page 206 - The stairways should always be of iron, stone, or other indestructible material, ample in size and number, and easy of ascent, to afford convenient egress in case of accident from fire.
Page 208 - A complete system of forced ventilation, in connection •with the heating, is indispensable to give purity to the air of a hospital for the insane ; and no expense that is required to effect this object thoroughly can be deemed either misplaced or injudicious.
Page 205 - Every hospital, having provision for two hundred or more patients, should have in it at least eight distinct wards for each sex, making sixteen classes in the entire establishment VIII.
Page 205 - IV. No hospital for the insane should be built without the plan having been first submitted to some physician or physicians, who have had charge of a similar establishment, or are practically acquainted with all the details of their arrangements, ana received his or their lull approbation. V. The highest number that can with propriety be treated in one building is two hundred and fifty, while two hundred is a preferable maximum.
Page 213 - The fullest authority should be given to the Superintendent to take every precaution that can guard against fire or accident within an institution, and to secure this, an efficient night-watch should always be provided. XIII. — The situation and circumstances of different institutions may require a considerable number of persons to be employed in various other positions, but in every hospital, at least all those that have been referred to, are deemed not only desirable, but absolutely necessary,...
Page 206 - No chamber for the use of a single patient should ever be less than eight by ten feet, nor should the ceiling of any story occupied by patients be less than twelve feet in height. XII. The floors of patients' apartments should always be of wood.
Page 184 - In round numbers, of ten persons attacked by insanity, five recover, and five die, sooner or later, during the attack ; of the five who recover, not more than two remain well during the rest of their lives ; the other three sustain subsequent attacks, during which at least two of them die.
Page 206 - ... a dumb waiter, and a speaking tube leading to the kitchen, or other central part of the building. IX. No apartments should ever be provided for the confinement of patients, or as their lodging-rooms, that are not entirely above ground.
Page 209 - The floors of bath-rooms, water-closets, and basement stories, should, as far as possible, be made of materials that will not absorb moisture. XXV. The wards for the most excited class should be constructed with rooms on but one side of a corridor, not less than ten feet wide, the external windows of which should be large, and have pleasant views from them. XXVI.
Page 212 - If a Chaplain is deemed desirable as a permanent officer, he should be selected by the Superintendent, and, like all others engaged in the care of the patients, should be entirely under his direction.

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