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" ... Donaldson Smith, of Philadelphia, who led his own expedition from Somaliland into Central Africa in 1894 and 1895. Smith was a wealthy man who was a physician by education and training (he studied medicine at Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Heidelberg)... "
Through Unknown African Countries: The First Expedition from Somaliland to ... - Page 1
de Arthur Donaldson Smith - 1897 - 471 pages
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The United States and Africa: A History

Peter Duignan, L. H. Gann - 1987 - 470 pages
...medicine at Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Heidelberg) who was by choice a sportsman and biologist. He wrote: The keen love of sport and adventure that is innate...chance of doing scientific work when it presented itself.30 A hunting trip to Somaliland with a friend led Smith to attempt a m'ore extensive expedition...
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